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A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited

This is a discussion on A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The comments on the cleveland.com website are fantastic!...

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Thread: A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited

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    The comments on the cleveland.com website are fantastic!
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    A sad thing indeed. Too bad the cousin isn't concerned about the family of the guy that had to defend himself.
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    Same Old Debate...

    Gun control :vs: Criminal control...

    As I see it...the gun control was pretty good...

    In addition, Criminal control was top notch too!

    Well, that's all for that debate...

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    When one of the youths pulled a gun, Wells drew his and shot one of the boys several times in the chest, police said. Arthur Buford, 15, died ... Gun supporters said the weapon saved Wells' life. Opponents said it took Buford's - that the 15-year-old might be alive if a citizen had not been armed.
    "They let that man run out freely," Foster said. "My cousin is dead."
    Yes, the armed robber didn't succeed. Yes, the victim thwarted the attack of the criminals. Yes, the victim is still standing. That's as it should be, no matter the cost to the criminals, even though that be the death of the criminals.

    Can't imagine what the cousin's problem is: that his armed robber cousin didn't learn his lesson, or that he did learn his lesson? Sounds like a learning disability to me.

    The young man's death is a tragedy, for him and his family. My condolences for the pain they're going through right now. However, a person shouldn't go around attacking innocents. A victim still lives, and that's a good thing. That's the whole point.
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    If he must give up his weapon , when does he get back? Can he carry a diff weapon during this time.
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    Yes, he can still carry unless the grand jury sees different.
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    One of the problems of the armed-robbery business is that the retirement plan is a b.....
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    Tough call, shooting a child like that. But our citizen did not go out a glue the 38 to the hand of the 15 year old kid, and then force him to rob people.

    That crime is a "grown up crime" and guess what grown ups die when they pull guns on armed men/women. Sadly that happens when punk ass kids do the same. I'm not going to let myself be shot because it is a 15 year old with a finger on the trigger. I will still be just as dead, and they will still be just as dangerous as before.

    My heart goes out to the family of the kid though, actions and inactions have consequences and all are paying the price of such things. You cant run from the costs forever, and I would hope this would teach them that. However, given the statement from the family member I do hope that the GG is well protected. Not exactly a far stretch to believe in the possiblility of more danger coming his way from other "PABs"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsbane View Post
    My heart goes out to the family of the kid
    Mine does not. They didn't care about their "boy" enough to keep him from getting an early start on his trip to the penal system. In fact, I bet you that they were more than happy that Junior was doing his share to bring in money for crack.

    The man who killed Junior has done the rest of Ohio a huge favor because sooner of later the dirtbag was going to end up costing us taxpayers big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    "They let that man run out freely," Foster said. "My cousin is dead."
    Your cousin decided to threaten somebody's life who was minding his own business. Your cousin pointed a gun at him, and attempted to rob him.

    That man saved his life because your cousin threatened to take it.

    That man saved the tax payers money because that's one less criminal that we have to pay to feed, clothe, house, give medical and dental to, pay for the air conditioning and heating, and provide cable TV for their amusment, prior to him being released back onto the streets to do the same things again.

    That man is a hero in my mind's eye.
    ~Mike F.
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    Any individual with a gun stops becoming a child when they make the decision to take a life, or threaten to take a life. It is a sad state that this boy had a gun, but he was no less dangerous than a 30 year old with a gun. In my opinion, based on maturity and inhibitions of teenagers, they are more dangerous.
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    I agree with everyone else but I wanted to take a moment and give jeep45238 a big attaboy for his sig line

    sorry for the hijack
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    Opponents said it took Buford's - that the 15-year-old might be alive if a citizen had not been armed.

    Criminal dies, law abiding citizen lives- and they are upset? That just shows we are locked in battle with a bunch of morons.

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    And another one's gone,
    and another one's gone,
    another one bites the dust.

    Someone should have told the little trash pile that playing with guns could get you killed.
    A person is justified in the use of deadly force, if such person reasonably believes deadly force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to such person or a third person.

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    Apparently they Plain Dealer actually had some pro-gun things to say about the issue today.


    The CHL holders house has also been vandalized since the shooting, with his windows broken.
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