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Two local news stories

This is a discussion on Two local news stories within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I suppose I see things a bit differently than most...but hey.... I am left handed. This is where I have a problem. For the most ...

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Thread: Two local news stories

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    I suppose I see things a bit differently than most...but hey....
    I am left handed.

    This is where I have a problem. For the most part, holding a suspect (i.e. citizens arrest) is problematic. Obviously, when Sternitzky attacked the homeowner was fully justified in stopping the threat. On the other hand, this was a burglary and stuff simply isn't important enough to escalate into a deadly force encounter.
    Where I am at exactly this scenario happens several times a year. Being a very rural area, in most cases the ONLY way that someone will get apprehended is by a homeowner or a neighbor. The Sheriffs Deputies are usually a long ways off.

    As usual we don't have all the facts. We don't know if the BG was armed. We don't know if the homeowner was in fear for his life. We don't know if he was simply outraged that he was the victim of a burglary.
    It matters not. When a person makes the decision to prey upon other people by stealing their property, they know that they could get jailed or even killed for it. They decide to play the odds. They know that the odds are usually on their side, that is why most of them are career criminals. This guy lost.

    I think he should have called 911 and gotten a good description of the BG, his vehicle and hs direction. As long as he and his family were not in danger he should never have drawn his weapon.
    Do this and 99 times out of 100 the crook will escape in time to rob someone else. The man took action. He was protecting his neighborhood. He had the gun to defend himself if things went wrong and they did. He shot the crook. Here in my neck of the woods, he would be no billed, and his neighbors would have thanked him, because at the very least...that crook will not rob again.

    Sure...its a tragedy. I see it as a tragedy that someone had to shoot someone that had no respect. He had no respect for someone else's property, he had no respect for the man that intervened, and he had no respect for the gun being held on him...and because of it he is dead.

    This subject could be debated forever and the merits of doing this or that analyzed a long time. A lot of opinions will reflect whether someone lives in a rural or an urban area. A lot of people will proclaim that they are not "cops".

    To be honest, I get tired of using the excuse of we are not "cops" to justify inaction. When good men stand by and do nothing, evil prevails.

    In this case, a good man acted and evil lost.
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    I am not familiar with the laws in Louisiana, but if they are like Texas that burglary situation could very well be judged a good shoot. If you are a friend of mine and you have asked me to look after your stuff, and I see someone breaking into your place, or your vehicle (unless you have full coverage insurance) in the middle of the night, they are fair game. I was amazed when I took my class at how different Texas law is from Maryland. There are things we wouldn't even write a report on in my old agency that you can legally shoot people for in here Texas!

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