Home intrusion and don't give up...

Home intrusion and don't give up...

This is a discussion on Home intrusion and don't give up... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I found this in some of my "files" and thought you guys might like to read it. Three Bullets Fail to Stop Home Intruder, Records ...

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Thread: Home intrusion and don't give up...

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    Home intrusion and don't give up...

    I found this in some of my "files" and thought you guys might like to read it.

    Three Bullets Fail to Stop Home Intruder, Records Say

    9/16/2003 11:26 pm

    Like a scene in a horror movie, three bullets from Charles Cryderman's .357 magnum revolver didn't stop the intruder who broke into his Douglas County home Aug. 2, according to reports released Tuesday.

    So Cryderman, 51, grabbed a shotgun out of his bedroom and, lacking shells for it, clubbed Walter Francis Hetrick, 40, over the head and upper torso hard enough to break the gun, Douglas County Sheriff's Office reports said.

    After the shotgun came apart, Cryderman said he continued striking Hetrick with the butt of the shotgun as Hetrick crawled down the hallway towards the children's bedroom, one report said.

    Cryderman could see Hetrick was "running out of gas;" the report said, and Cryderman pleaded with Hetrick to "stay there"and stop crawling down the hallway.

    Moments later, sheriff's deputies swarmed the home, handcuffing a bloody Hetrick and ending the trauma to Cryderman. His wife and their two children were hiding in a bathroom.

    Hetrick later died in a hospital.

    Recounting the incident later for investigators, Cryderman said it was like the movie "Friday the 13th" or like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"; a report said.

    Prosecutors said Aug. 29 they wouldn't file criminal charges against Cryderman for the death of Hetrick, who spent most of the last 20 years in California psychiatric hospitals for the 1984 murder of a friend.

    District Attorney Scott Doyle returned from vacation last week. The investigative reports were not released until Tuesday, after Doyle had reviewed the decision not to prosecute and also decided not to hold a coroner's inquest, sheriff's Sgt. Tom Mezzetta said.

    Cryderman declined to comment Tuesday on the contents of the reports, which recount in detail what happened at the Log Cabin Road home.

    Cryderman was watching television when Hetrick, whom he had never met, showed up at his door and asked"Is Stacy here?"; the reports said. Cryderman told him he had the wrong house.

    The 6-foot-1, 230-pound Hetrick became angry, starting talking about rape and began pounding on the door, the reports said.

    As Cryderman got his Smith & Wesson revolver from a bedroom, the noise at the front door stopped. Cryderman thought Hetrick might have left, the reports said.

    Then Hetrick began banging on a side door, saw Cryderman was armed and yelled, "Put the gun down" the reports said.

    Hetrick threw a brick against the door and kicked it open. Cryderman fired, and the door slammed shut. Hetrick kicked the door open twice more, and Cryderman fired one shot both times, the reports said.

    Hetrick finally lunged into the residence; the reports said, and Cryderman fired twice more, using up the five rounds in the six-shot revolver.

    Cryderman, who had loaded the gun with Federal brand ammunition called Hydra-Shok, told investigators he kept one cylinder in the revolver empty and put the revolver hammer on that empty cylinder during storage.

    Three of Cryderman's five shots hit Hetrick: in the upper torso, the thigh and in the foot. The shot to the thigh ultimately proved fatal, severing Hetrick's femoral artery.

    But Hetrick still kept moving through the home, so Cryderman got his unloaded shotgun with over-and-under barfels. He had no ammunition, so with the gun still in the case he began beating Hetrick with it, the report said.

    Hetrick grabbed the shotgun at one point and the two struggled over it, but Cryderman got it back and continued beating him, even after the case came open and the shotgun game apart, the reports said.

    Two days after the break-in, investigators talked to Hetrick's mother and aunt in Antioch, Calif.

    Hetricks relatives showed investigators seven bottles of prescription medication Hetrick had stopped taking and his mother, Linda Minor, described him as a danger to himself and others when he stopped taking medication, the reports said.

    What is to be learned from this incident?

    1. Dont ever open your door to a stranger, no matter what their story is. If they need to use the phone, tell them you will make it for them.

    2. The man was using a 357 and hydrashoks for ammo. The best SD ammo and caliber cannot make up for poor shot placement.

    3. Never give up! The man runs out of ammo, but he does not give up. He takes a shotgun and uses it as a club. Use what ever you have to your advantage. I applaude the mans will to survive.

    4. High capacity semi autos are a good thing.

    5. Keep extra guns around the house.

    6. Teach your wife and kids to shoot so they can use the extra guns to help you.

    Like location, location, location--it is shot placement, shot placement, shot placement.

    Do not understand the man's need to have the hammer on an empty chamber--here was obvious lack of understanding about his gun.

    Yes, I think firing at least two shots at each exposure might have made a difference, but with EDPs no one can say for sure.

    The real key--is don't give up.

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    Under extreme conditions some people will be lucky to hit their target.

    No telling how much a person's aim will deteriorate when being attacked. So the biggest baddest gun in the world may not do you any good if you can't hit your attacker, or hit anything vital. Of all those shots fired one hits an artery and that ultimately does him in but not until after a struggle. That is an eye opener, isn't it? :

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    As I read your post, I had the thought that the home owner may not shoot his gun much and may not have had much training to revert to. So not only would the stress affect his ability to place shots, but also he may not have been a good shot to start with.

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    My experience with new shooters is that the first shot hits the mark. The rest may go elsewhere. I have noticed the same tendancy in S-D shootings. It appears that one shot is a good hit and the rest go wild as adrenaline and stress hit you. I'd bet the good hit is the first shot most of the time, however I have no data to back that up.

    The homeowner never gave up and that is very important. Fight with everything you have until the threat is down. This story is also why I like a shotgun as my primary H-D gun. Yes, I do carry a handgun on me in the house, but if I had something like this going on the BG would be facing a 12 ga shotgun with 6 rounds going from shot to slugs when he came through the door. The handgun would be the back-up. After both were empty and if a reload was not possible, I would do the same thing. Shotgun or handgun as a club.

    Hopefully the homeowner has re-evaluated his home defense strategy.


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    Actually I'm not sure more rounds hitting the assailant in non vital places would have really helped much.

    It's so easy for us to sit here and armchair quarterback this, but I too applaud this man's resolve. The attitude and will to win often trumps any kind of physical ability or lack of preparation. I once read an article where an 11 year old girl fought off a large man with a kitchen knife.

    I can't say I would have done anything radically different, but this is why I do keep WA-1 sticks handy. And I agree better shot placement could have prevented it from going this far, but I wasn't there so I won't criticize what he did beyond that.

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    time for him to upgrade to a slightly more powerful handgun

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    a Shotgun would have helped , as you can disable someone 's legs witha few shots. But overall the guy did ok. Bet he will be better perpared next time. Perhaps better defensive tactics could have helped. Shoot BG, retreat to next room. The more doors the BG needs to defeat the more time for reload, PD response ect.

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    Cryderman got his unloaded shotgun with over-and-under barfels
    Obviously a more effective club than side by side barfels!

    Cryderman got his Smith & Wesson revolver from a bedroom
    Lucky he had the time - how many times do we hear this - the gun is ''elsewhere'' - not good enough if things go down real quick. Thus, carry at all times - can't have it nearer than that!

    Give him 10/10 for perseverance, that's for sure. Pity the shottie got busted tho.
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    I should have made this clear, the points about "...What is to be learned from this incident?..." are not mine - they were part of the incident report.

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    One more lesson.....keep the darn shotgun loaded!
    "Endeavor To Persevere"
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    I, too, keep the revolver loaded with only 5.

    It's not that I don't understand the workings of a DA revolver;I just don't want to have a 6" barrel in front of a round that cooks off when the firemen are trying to put out a fire in my house. I have 2 DA revolvers loaded with 5 and a 1911 hammer down on an empty chamber and a 10 round mag in the gun and 4 more 10 round mags in a 4 mag pouch alongside it.

    If things go down fast, I grab the revolver and create time to rack the slide on the 1911. If things go down slowly enough, I'll go straight for the 1911 and use the revolvers as BUGs.

    Oh, yeah, there's also an 870 with one round sitting on top of the bolt with the slide back. If things go down really slowly enough, I pick up the shotgun by the slide and the round chambers. Now I can finish loading it but it is ready to fire instantly in the meantime.
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