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Thread: 911 recording

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    Nice shootin Leroy !
    When in doubt, wup it out....

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    i gotta give it to the gorilla, some of that stuff is necessary. I know I'd like to have an idea of what the good guy is packing, and if I need to send a meatwagon...
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    Comment by the dispatcher that made me chuckle...

    Man: "Yeah I hit him!"
    Dispatcher: "Do you need an ambulance?"
    Lady: "I guess so..."

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    I thought the wife did a good job of remaining calm and giving good descriptive info. She was very clear in her directions, speaking in a even, easilty understandable tone of voice, in contrast to some of the recordings you hear. I'd think that would make quite a difference to the speed of response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp Rat View Post
    IMHO the dispatcher needs a little more training. not very professional.
    I'm sure the dispatcher was very carefully following the accepted department procedure. However, there does seem to be some room for improvement in the procedure, e.g., the wasted time regarding what constituted the back of the house. When given an address, I would think that the front of the house would be facing the street--at least that is the way it has been everywhere I've lived.

    I'm glad the family was prepared to take responsibility for their own safety. Had the husband waited for the dispatcher to get them help things might have turned out much differently.
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    now as some of you are aware i am a 911 calltaker AND police dispatcher. that call taker did not do a bad job. there are some info that we always need. first thing we want to know is what is going on. then we need description of the person. do they know them is important. do they have a key is relevent but sounds stupid, get a lot of they are breaking in but it is my husband and he lives here. we always try to keep them on the phone and calm by talking to them. if i am excited and scared i cant keep them calm. you just keep them talking about just about anything to help keep them calm till pd arrives. the play by play is important because you want the officer getting on scene to know exactly what is happening at the time they get there and what has happened. now i will eventually ask if they have weapons but i want other info like suspect and where and what he is doing first. all in all he didnt do too bad. we handle so many of these that it can seem almost cold when listening to the call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp Rat View Post
    IMHO the dispatcher needs a little more training. not very professional.
    "What kind of gun does your husband have?"

    Sounded like he wanted to talk guns! Why else would he care what kind of gun it was?

    Dispatcher: "Oooh, an HK USP Compact with a stainless slide?! Niiiice. Tell your husband he has good taste!"

    Wife: "He say you gots good taste, Leroy!"

    Leroy: "Well, do he be sending the POlice? Where dey be at?! Come on, woman!"

    Wife: "He say to axe you where da officers at?"

    Dispatcher: "Forget about that, does your husband have a LaserMax in that thing? How 'bout a tac-light? Maaan, I wish I was there to see this! Your husband got any other cool guns? How about knives? Is he into knives, too?"

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    Vanilla, I think your point is understood and uncontested, but I think the point everyone else was making was not the asking of questions but that he was asking them after the answer had already been provided. That is where the duh factor comes into play. Others have already recounted some of his finer moments so I wont bother.

    Clarifaction of information is one thing, his questioning was the failure to mentally process the information provided before opening his mouth again.
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    I was surprised that the caller new the caliber of Leroy's gun! Most wives don't bother with that kind of data. Tha fact that she knew probably means she knows how to use it too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cagueits View Post
    Over two minutes since the start of the tape, probably more than five before LE showed up. Seems like an eternity if you need help.
    You got that right Cag!

    I once responded to an ambulance call that took us 7 minutes to get to the scene (a river crossing), plus, who knows how long it took for the call to come in.

    When we got there, there was still a little boy in the car, underwater, dead. I know he was in there at least 7 minutes :(

    Just stressing the point that in an emergency, its good to be prepared. The police nor an ambulance can get there exactly when you need help.

    Good for the home owner on this one.

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