911 recording

911 recording

This is a discussion on 911 recording within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just came across this on one of the stupid humor sites I troll. http://break.com/index/husband-shoot...-break-in.html Wish I had more info. Just goes to show that the ...

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Thread: 911 recording

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    911 recording

    Just came across this on one of the stupid humor sites I troll.


    Wish I had more info.

    Just goes to show that the cops don't always get there by the time you need them.
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    if that's real, good for the homeowners. they sounded safe, and the bad guy...well, it didn't sound like he was havin a good day :P.
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    I love it.

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    Oh my - a protracted 911 and all the time hubby was takin care of bidness!!!

    Sure reckon the BG had his day totally spoiled!
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    I was expecting the dispatcher to say, ok put the gun away and just give up, the police are on the way.

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    Over two minutes since the start of the tape, probably more than five before LE showed up. Seems like an eternity if you need help.

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    Good Night for Homeowner...

    BG breaks in...wife calls 911 and reports B & E...wife stays on phone...husband informs BG of his mistake in entering this home...'bang'...BG accepts warning...police arrive to take report..."Clean-up in kitchen isle!"

    I just love it when a plan comes together...


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    Did he acually hit him!!!??

    woman; he just shot the guy
    dispatch; did he acually hit someone? (DUH!)
    Leroy; I got him!
    dispatch;is he dead?
    leroy; well he's layin out here!!

    Gotta love it!
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    Awesome audio clip. Most BGs that have the KAHONAES to break into an occupied house arent comeing in empty handed. If that BG lived he's lucky he didn't get a dose of a 12 ga like most of us have staged REAL close. Wife did exellent job of staying calm and for the most part, quiet. Thanx for that Fknra...
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    I've had this discussion several times with my wife that if she is the one calling 911 that she NOT give a play-by-play to the dispatcher! "My husband just shot the guy" etc.

    I remind her that EVERYTHING is being recorded and CAN and WILL be used against me!

    It's something to consider!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    IMHO the dispatcher needs a little more training. not very professional.
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    Good for the homeowner.

    And the dispatcher?....does your husband have a gun? Well, yes, what the heck do you think he just shot the bad guy with moron?

    What kind of gun is it? Who is this guy? The kind of gun that bullets come out of, moron.

    Geez.....does the caliber really matter? Just get the cops there as fast as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    Good for the homeowner.

    And the dispatcher?....does your husband have a gun? Well, yes, what the heck do you think he just shot the bad guy with moron?

    What kind of gun is it? Who is this guy? The kind of gun that bullets come out of, moron.

    Geez.....does the caliber really matter? Just get the cops there as fast as possible.

    The only reason i can think of to justify the what kind of gun is it question would be to help the cops identify the good guy when they arive. Of course it would be more appropriate to ask what he is wearing or something. More than likely it's just a case of the 911 dispatcher being schooled by the liberal media to ask such assenine questions. You see when a gun enters the scenario the crime in progress is no longer the issue. The issue suddenly becomes what kind of gun he has and can we find out how he got it and who he bought it from etc..

    picture this:

    911 operator - "Your husband has a gun, (thinking, oh the horror), what kind of gun is it?"
    Wife - " I... I...don't know for sure, but I think he's using the Browning M2 mounted to the tripod on our coffee table." :-)

    I too have schooled my wife in this type of scenario and have instructed her to notify 911 that I am armed and give a description in case the cops actually do get here in time to do something besides take a report. Also make sure the cops identify themselves when they come to the door if we are hold up inside so I know it's really them.

    Good thing they don't live in England. If they did that homeowner would be in prison for murder now.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    Call taker sounds like a rookie, and he made rookie mistakes. He should have been asking about weapons in the home in the first ten seconds. Sounds like a decent shoot, I hope it met all of the local requirements for the home owner not to get hassled over it.

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    Sounds like the dispatcher did fine to me. Unlike most of you, I have been the person talking to a person holding a gun and scared.

    What kind of gun? Need to know mainly if it's a long gun or handgun. Cops responding to her need to know things like that. If he's inside with a handgun and they run across somebody outside with a rifle or shotgun, they have an idea that things are getting very, very bad.

    Did he hit him? Well, that's kinda important, wouldn't you think? I do. The most recent call I took similar to this involved a woman who emptied her pistol into a bush in her front yard because the guy jumped behind it. He didn't stop behind it, though(lucky for him). I've been on the phone with a very agitated person when suddenly I heard BOOM. When I asked if he shot, he said that he had. He just put a warning shot into the air. Things like "Did he hit him?" are very important.

    That play-by-play is very important as well. If somebody is breaking into your home, that updating is more likely to help you later than hurt you. Several times, I've heard things like "I just heard the front door kicked in! I'm hiding. Here he comes!" Then there's a shot fired or the struggle begins. If you shoot your attacker and, for some reason, your case goes to trial, that tape could very well make or break your case. Stack the deck in your favor.

    As far as telling somebody that "The police are on the way, put your gun away." Neither I nor my subordinates will do such a thing while I am around. Our training is standardized to, "When the units get on scene, I'm going to tell you to put your weapon away. Until then, keep it with you."

    Mabe some of you folks need to spend some time observing what really happens instead of just criticising because you don't understand.
    I'll take a .45 and a large side of JHPs, please.

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