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"Assault Rifle" used for self defense in a parking lot

This is a discussion on "Assault Rifle" used for self defense in a parking lot within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by EW3 The question I have is, was this so-called "assault rifle" part of the security guard's equipment? If it was his personal ...

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Thread: "Assault Rifle" used for self defense in a parking lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by EW3 View Post
    The question I have is, was this so-called "assault rifle" part of the security guard's equipment? If it was his personal weapon, I'd say he has a pretty high probability of getting canned by the company he works for.
    The security gig I had was in a high-risk area. It was a small company, and the boss let me borrow a .30 carbine because I didn't have a gun of my own when I started.
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    This story could have been written by one of the reporters at our local paper, the Times-Union. To them, "assault rifle" is one word with a space in the middle. They have never used "rifle" in a sentence by itself. And, of course, they never actually describe what kind of assault rifle is involved. I'm sure a single shot BB gun would be an assault rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergeant Mac View Post
    ...but he'll be alive, which helps a lot when you're updating your resume....
    Lol yeah...better to update a resume than a will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggy View Post
    Maybe he had a SKS because he wasn't old enough to own a handgun? It says he's 20, I'm sure you can have one on duty as an LEO or military at that age, but what about security? Or are they counted as LEO's?
    No, security guards are not LEO's. You can possess a hg under 21, just not buy one or its ammunition.
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    Two lives rounds on the ground? Sounds like someone needed some range time!! Glad for the security guard this jacko didn't know what he was doing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunndw View Post
    Sounds like the only reason the security guard didn't get killed is the BG didn't know how to work his weapon.
    Yep. The guard got lucky, IMO. I'm glad things worked out for him, but I hope he'll keep a little bit higher SA in the future. He could have easily ended up dead if the BG had known how to operate his gun.
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    It'd be nice to have more detail.
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    Well, being that it happened in Texas, the third perp might have a good chance of taking his "last ride on the silver needle". Two counts of Felony Murder.
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