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Yet another mass shooting - Las Vegas bus stop shooting

This is a discussion on Yet another mass shooting - Las Vegas bus stop shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Bonesnofoa What the heck is wrong with this country.... I read the headline and thought the exact same thing. Kinda makes you ...

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Thread: Yet another mass shooting - Las Vegas bus stop shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesnofoa View Post
    What the heck is wrong with this country....
    I read the headline and thought the exact same thing.

    Kinda makes you wonder if Soros and company aren't up to something. I can't remember this many shootings in such a short period of time....ever. Or maybe it is the press fanning the flames??

    <ouch> my tinfoil hat pinched me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    <ouch> my tinfoil hat pinched me...
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the world isn't out to get you....

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    This latest shooting in AZ does sound either gang related or personal against specific students for some reason.
    Before everyone gets too down over the recent bad news remember that overall crime has gone slightly down for at least 10 years. It is actually a little bit safer than it used to be! But there did not used to be 5 or 6 television channels with 24 hrs to fill with news all the time. When I was in high school you had either 30 minutes with Walter Cronkite or 30 minutes with Huntley and Brinkley. At that time even something as dramatic as kids shot as they get off a bus would have received a minute on the first day and maybe 30 seconds the next. Plus, maybe, 30 seconds again when the shooters were caught. I am not saying the shooting of children is unimportant or not newsworthy, but now the news channels are in much more fierce competition we see and hear about it in great detail we would never have thought about 30 years ago.
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    People have seemingly lost their minds.
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    "Mass media playing up the shooters in these types of cases doesn't help either. There are plenty of punks out there who want their 15 minutes, dead or alive."

    Right on. Another copy cat shooting. When the police catch the scumbag/s the media will be there for the statements and autographs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmett View Post
    This is getting to be a daily thing it seems.
    Every minute, there's a felony going on somewhere in the country. It's worse than "daily." It's continuous.

    What is wrong with these people?
    Synapse failure. Heart failure. Voluntary abdication from the human species and the right to life. Bad burrito. Doesn't really matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    If you want to solve the problem of crime...make the profession much more dangerous.
    That is the only solution, barring a trussed-up, Big Brother society. IMO, more "mines" in the "minefield" will have the desired effect; and, nothing short of that will be anywhere near as effective. Right now, it's a pretty good bet that a violent felon can make it through a year's "work" without serious threat to himself or his chosen lifestyle. What we need to do is make it a pretty good bet that the average felon won't make it through the night. At that point and not before, things will change. All it will take is the will to make it so.
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    One other thing, progressively the courts have slowly but surely taken away many of law enforcement's tools to deal with reprobates. That and a general attitude that the police are wrong when we shoot or otherwise use force on bad guys. This has caused criminals to be treated with kid gloves, not just by us but by the court system as well. There is no deterrent for these people, whatsoever. They are definately not afraid of the police, or of any adjudication process.
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    There's no one cause, or even several causes..........I believe it's a 'little bit' of every "cause" that has allowed the behavior to grow like fungus.

    I hope ALL the involved are identified, caught, and held accountable. Most of us....wait, ALL of us are here to protect our children and NOT to send them into harms way, like, say....SCHOOL

    " attack that officials believe stemmed from a fight about a girl."

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    This really puts me on edge. Not the fact that this happened just a few mins from my home. The fact that the persons involved could be hanging out at the gas station across the street. Big hangout for high school kids getting on/off the bus. To think that this level of violence is becoming more and more common amongst HS students is insane. What drives these kids to take a life over complete BS? Is it what is portrayed in the music they listen to? Video Games? The Media? When I was a kid if someone had a problem we fought hand to hand. Now a days they shoot. I think I know why. They are scared to fight. Its easier to shoot.

    Sorry for the scatter brained RANT.

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    Wouldn't it be something if roving bands of vigilantes who were tired of violent thugs doing 4 yrs and then getting out on parole, who seem to have vastly more rights than the victims who've they've violated began to take justice into their own hands. Who tired of living in a country where they are so many cities where one cannot walk down a sidewalk after dark alone w/out worrying of being robbed/beaten/raped(fill in the blanks).

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasSIG View Post
    This happened a few mins from my home. My guess is gang related. Another prediction, LVMPD/NLVPD will have suspects in custody with in 24-72 hours.
    They got one suspect, arrested him in Denver. He tried to run, they got him as he was getting off the bus. In about 30 hours.

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