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Will you get involved, just because you have a pistol on your side. As others have said it all depends on the situation. I'll count on my skills to defend myself but I'm not a LEO, nor have I been trained like one. Just like I can hand someone a bandaide, but I'm no doctor. Trying to be helpful these days can leave you open to being sued if everything does not turn out perfect. Having a gun and a CCW permit does not deputize you or turn you into a super hero. If you have the skills and the will, great

You would have to make a very quick judgment of the circumstances and react
as you see fit. Can't say I would or wouldn't come to the rescue of a stranger, it all depends. I've helped some folks on the roadside, then driven right by others. It all depends.
Well said....

Its noble to say that if there is a threat that you will come to the aid of strangers, but as said above, CCW does not deputize you....nor obligate you to get involved. Remember that your license is for personal protection. You and yours. The sheepdog mentality, while I understand it, seemingly often goes beyond the scope of a good samaritan coming to the aid of others - when people think that its their duty to become involved regardless of the situation or to protect the public at large, well I think that's overstepping the reason of having a license. Running towards a situation, injecting into a confrontation, we have to be careful to not make things worse. We can all take a story in the news and say, "I would have done xxxxx". Its easy to say that when we have most of the facts after the fact. As with most scenarios with CCW, alot of it depends on the situation. If you're right there, witness to what's happening, its more cut and dry.
I'm not advocating that we should do nothing while something bad goes down, just that one should becareful and not try to create an opportunity to help when not in the thick of it. I think most of us would be pretty selfless in the defense of others, but the purpose and scope of the license and the responsibilities are not open ended.