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Thread: Retribution

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    wasn't it JAG that had the episode where the commander went to Italy after killing the guys holding his daughter? He ran into a family member of the guy he killed and they started talking about vendettas. he said he'd be very sorry when he had to kill everyone who came after him, but he would.

    Sounds like a plan.

    The homeowner has already proven he can defend himself....I wonder what is missing in the primitive part of their pea brain to make them think they'll succeed where their homies failed.
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    The homeowner has already proven he can defend himself....I wonder what is missing in the primitive part of their pea brain to make them think they'll succeed where their homies failed.
    There is one aspect we may be overlooking - and that is the element of surprise, coupled with determination. We all need sleep and so cannot be ''on watch'' 24/7 ... the would-be assassin has the advantage of choice of time and place - this is planning as against more random.

    There are many possible scenarios including long range rifle, drive-by ... arson ... child kidnap/murder. The permutations are many and scary. I'd not want to feel I was having to watch my back (and my loved ones) every second.

    One situation maybe where, tho not a legal option - ''taking the fight to the enemy'' must cross the mind of someone under sustained threat - which of course presupposes they are aware of the threat and its degree in the first place. A threat could even be suggested as against implicit - enough still to totally spoil one's life.
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    Retribution is always possible. Frankly I was a bit more concerned about it when the kids were growing up here, but they're grown and gone now.

    A long time ago my parents were victimized a bit by some kid cutting across their corner lot at night and tearing up their yard. They didn't know the kid at all, it was just a random thing. He got caught, but came back a few weeks later to do worse. He got caught again and gave it up after that. The police caught all of them and had them handcuffed all over the neighborhood.

    A few years ago a couple of young guys turned into my farm on a large private gravel parking area that I own. He was doing donuts in his truck, and made the mistake to stop and get out for a fresh beer from his cooler. My son and I happened to be nearby and drove up behind them and confronted the driver, the passenger was afraid to get out. The driver initially wanted to be a smart ***, and the ex-leo in me came out and administered a brief attitude adjusting session for him. The session was very successful he volunteered to pay for and repair the damage, etc. I told him that I didn't want him back or to see him again, and if he ever passed by to not even look my way. If anything came up missing, damaged, or out of place at all, I was giving his license plate number to my detective buddies. He mouthed "oh crap" and humbly left. Never saw them again.
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    wouldnt worry too much about it, but I would stay on extra alert status for awhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunndw View Post
    The homeowner has already proven he can defend himself.
    "Proven" in that one instance. Doesn't mean the homeowner will be so successful in another instance, nor that the BG's would necessarily fail in a second, better-planned instance. They (the BG's) have been shown up. If they're tough, they'll take that badly. That means one thing: anything's possible. Likely? None can say. Depends on the BG's.
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    I'd still be careful and extra cognizant of my surroundings in regards to retribution...dirtbags without jobs or goals have a lot of time to plan and scheme...

    Stay armed...stay alert...stay safe!
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    I would say that it is time to invest in some steel doors, alarm system, perimeter motion detector lights, kevlar, and since the matter is of public record, get the names and addresses of all involved.

    If the kid is a member of a gang, he's got problems. As much as it sucks, the best alternative in that case is relocation. Discrete, and quick - load and gone in 1 hour. You can't fight 50 or so intent on revenge, win them all and still maintain something resembling a normal life. Even if you managed to make it quite clear to the head of the snake that if something happens, he's next to have a shrine.

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    The prime reason you should own more than one defensive weapon. If you do have to use one in a self defense situation, chances are good that it will be impounded as evidence.

    You absolutely must have a backup ready and available in case of possible retribution, or even just lightning striking a second time.


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    A gang banger, yes; a relative of the dead dirt bag, yes; a good friend of the dead dirt bag, yes; just another dirt bag that decided to join up and rob you, probably not. I'd expect another serious attack in this case.
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    I would plan on it and be ready.

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