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Border Violence about to spill over in US

This is a discussion on Border Violence about to spill over in US within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; They KNOW we're restricted in our use of force, they're not. We should handle our southern border just as Mexico does theirs...Shoot them when they ...

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Thread: Border Violence about to spill over in US

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    They KNOW we're restricted in our use of force, they're not. We should handle our southern border just as Mexico does theirs...Shoot them when they cross.

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    abuttermilk I must say that statement is right on the money.

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    Well folks, here's the latest. LE on this side of the border has taken notice and here's the following that took place at a Border Security meeting held today.

    Law Enforcement Meets to Discuss Violence across the Border

    LAW ENFORCEMENT meets to discuss Violence across the Border

    EDINBURG - Dozens of law enforcement agents attended an emergency meeting to discuss the recent violence in Mexico.

    Local police departments, Texas Rangers, and Customs and Border Protection agents attended. A Border Patrol spokesperson says everyone gathered to share information and talk about the gun battles happening across the border.

    Border Patrol tells us they've offered their services and resources to all border police departments and anyone in need. They're encouraging any department concerned with the recent developments in Mexico to contact them.

    The meeting was held in Edinburg. But Cameron County law enforcement is also on high alert.

    Deputies are stepping up patrols. Sheriff Omar Lucio says they're working with other law enforcement agencies after a violent clash between the Mexican military and the drug cartel. It happened just further up the river from Brownsville.

    The sheriff says his department is keeping a close eye on things across the border. He tells us a liaison officer is talking with Mexican authorities every day to make sure it stays calm in Matamoros.

    Lucio has also asked his patrolmen to watch closely while patrolling at the bridges. He says it's quiet in the Lower Valley now, but he's sure the other departments and Border Patrol will be calling for his department's involvement soon.
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    who could possibly be suprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
    As long as the gang wars stay on the other side of the border, the more killed, the better. I can't feel for the meskin military, as they are as corrupt as the druggies. Looks like a win-win situation.
    They're already spilling onto our side of the border. You see it in Laredo along with the kidnappings and the corruption.
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    Quote Originally Posted by havegunjoe View Post
    They make minimal efforts to protect our boarders, they hog-tie the hands of our Border Patrol agents, and they try to disarm us in the name of safety. This should infuriate every American.

    That's because no matter what the US does to protect itself and it's citizens, you will be painted as the "evil US" harming poor refuges. I am afraid it will have to be some horrific incident involving multiple families before your governments act.

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    About too? Heck, its spilled over a long time ago. I live just about as far away from the southern boarder as possible and was just looking at 4 dead Mexicans that were murdered by some other Mexicans. I think its already here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I think they should call in Sarah Brady to mediate an immediate cease-fire and gun buy-back program while the UN sends in peace-keepers to end the evilness perpetrated by those corrupt governments on the drug cartels that are just trying to help their own......

    It is a festering cesspool down there, and the sooner a wall is built and patrols allowed to return fire with appropriate weapons, the better. Now would be nice.
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    Some well-placed long range shots from a good magnum should send a message - Hummers notwithstanding! Videos on the Web should sufficiently embarass our "protectors." I think Fox would play the videos........
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    I remember long ago as a child watching a TV news story on the border patrol, to quote on of the border agents "Once the sun goes down, it's open season." Evidently that philosophy has changed a bit.

    Mine the border 500 yards wide (with the appropriate universal stick figure warning signs for those that can not read), reduce the "Authorized" crossing areas, and throw out these stupid lawsuits from illegals suing the Gov't for not providing water stations in the desert so they don't die of dehydration while they are crossing illegally!

    I'm going to go away now. Big ol' soap box in front of me.

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    There is a real easy way to fix this... We need to post those good old Gun-free zone signs (written in spanish, made in America) all along the border! Then when the messikins got there, they would have to leave their weapons at the border!! Ask any liberal, it will work!

    Ok, back to reality. We really need to give our LE, and Border patrol some loose rules of engagement, IE; if they shoot at us, we send them to Mexico City in bodybags.
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