Self-Defense Homicide Captured on 911 Tape

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Thread: Self-Defense Homicide Captured on 911 Tape

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    What useless babble by 911. It's only been 2 minutes she says but that may be 1min and 59 seconds too late.

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    During my home invasion, I told the operator that I had an AR-15 w/ 30 rounds and if they came through the door I would open fire! All he said about that was "let's hope it will not come to that, the officers should be there any minute now!!!" And of course they were, 5 min. start to finish! BGs took to long breaking in!
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    Self-Defense Homicide Captured on 911 Tape

    911 Tape Captures Horror Before Fatal Shooting - News Story - WMAQ | Chicago

    HAMMOND, Ind. -- Police in Northwest Indiana have released the audio tape of an emergency call for help.

    Audio: Full 911 Recording here:

    Video: No Charges Filed here:

    Recording Of Deadly 911 Call Released - Videos - WMAQ

    A woman was reportedly watching TV when she heard a window breaking in her home and called 911.

    She then hid in a closet, armed with a gun.

    The tape captures the woman struggling with a man, repeatedly saying, "Stop it. Stop it."

    The woman eventually shot and killed the intruder. Police said she will not face charges, because she acted in self defense.
    Tough situation. Amazing how Emer. Dispatchers recommend hiding/retreating when there is only so far one can go in the home. a determined attacker (as this guy obviously was) is going to find his intended victim, one way or the other. Although in this case, the victim had the good sense to obtain a weapon on the day the attack occurred.

    Good for her.
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    Wow -- used to live in Hammond, up until three years ago. Wish I could say I was sorry. But their PD is exceptionally gun-friendly toward CC by solid citizens, in my experience -- and this seems to emphasize that.

    Praise the Lord that she's physically OK. Pray that she'll be OK from all of the non-physical damage.

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    Here's the story from the local newspaper (

    Times Correspondent

    HAMMOND | A Hessville woman will not be charged in the shooting death of a man accused of breaking into her home in November and stalking her.

    (Listen to the 911 call)

    Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter said on Wednesday he was turning down any charges against the woman in the death of Ryan Lee Bergner, 41, considering her actions to be in self-defense and defense of property.

    The Nov. 12 shooting of Bergner as he cornered the 51-year-old woman in an upstairs bedroom closet capped a month of escalating terror -- chronicled in a series of police reports filed by the woman -- which included break-ins, vandalism and assaults in her workplace.

    They had briefly dated over the summer, but Bergner couldn't accept that she didn't want to be his girlfriend, and wouldn't take "no" for an answer, the woman said.

    That fatal Monday night, she was watching television at 10:30 p.m. when she heard a window breaking, and called 911.

    An audio recording of her conversation with the emergency dispatcher, from the initial break-in to her escape from the dying Bergner six minutes later, was released by Hammond police on Wednesday.

    "I'm so scared," the woman said to the 911 operator, who told her to lock herself in a bedroom until police arrived.

    Bergner had already broken into her house two days earlier, she reported to police, destroying a clock-radio and stealing several of her undergarments.

    "I heard him turn a light on, a hallway light," she told the dispatcher as she hid in a closet, armed with a pistol a friend had given her for protection.

    "What are you doing?" she can be heard asking over the sound of her bedroom door being kicked in. "Stop it! Please stop it! Just stop it!"

    Gunshots can clearly be heard on the recording. She later said Bergner was on top of her in the closet, his hands around her throat, choking her.

    "What are you trying to do, kill me?" the mortally wounded Bergner asked.

    "Are you trying to kill me?"

    Police found her in her front yard when they arrived moments later, and found Bergner, wearing black leather gloves and a brown leather jacket, lying partially in the bedroom closet with three bullet wounds to his abdomen, a 9 mm pistol on the bed nearby.

    "That tape is absolutely chilling," said Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller, who worked for years as a detective with the department's sex crimes division.

    Miller said he is regularly asked to speak at meetings of women's organizations and support groups for victims of domestic violence, and in the future will be taking the recording along with him as an example of what can happen.

    "I didn't want it to turn out like this," the woman told The Times the day after the shooting, though she declined to comment for the record on Wednesday's decision by the prosecutor's office.

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    If your not prepared to shoot, don't have a weapon, it just gives the scum another weapon when they kill you.
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    "Just calm down. We don't want to do anything too rash there." Too rash? The man broke in, pursued her upstairs and the dispatcher doesn't want her to do anything too rash like...defend her life with a gun??? Makes me sick.
    "You gonna do something about it or just stand there and bleed?" -Wyatt Earp

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    Especially how long she waited for PD response. How large a town is that anyway?

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    Personal responsibility - this is what it's all about - and to heck with dispatchers trying to calm the storm . ... they are not there

    Any individual promoting ''wait for the cavalry" or "don't be rash" - should change places!!!
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    Personal responsibility. That's exactly right. Responsibility to pay the piper if you attempt to snuff out the life of an innocent. Responsibility to be prepared for whatever is required to survive an attack by someone devoid of personal responsibility.

    In the "safe" room, behind a locked door, having personally witnessed a felony break-in, having prior knowledge of the violence of the attacker: basically, she appears to have been absolutely justified in all actions taken. Kudos to her for doing everything necessary to survive. She sounds like she's going to need some help appreciating that her actions were an absolute good, were honorable and were necessary.

    May she live in a state where dishonorable lawsuits of opportunity from "grieving," ambulance-chasing family members are blocked.

    What is it about guilt trips, that they're seen as useful during a dispatcher's dialog with a victim who is about to face the onrushing wolves? "Rash"? Someone needs to rethink.
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    I'd like to hear a dispatcher calling for help if someone broke into his or her home...

    Great news...another 'dirtbag' taking a dirtnap...

    Had to be a terrifying experience for that woman...glad she had a weapon she was willing to use...I'll bet she'll be a pro-gun advocate now!

    Stay armed...even in the closet...stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneRanger View Post
    "Just calm down. We don't want to do anything too rash there." Too rash? The man broke in, pursued her upstairs and the dispatcher doesn't want her to do anything too rash like...defend her life with a gun??? Makes me sick.
    Thats why I couldn't work as a 911 dispatcher, I'd be fired because the call would go like this.

    Caller: yes I have a gun

    Me: What are you waiting on put his sorry $%$ out! ##$$ him up.
    -Never insult a man you are not prepared to fight, and never fight a man you are not prepared to kill.

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    This is the same tape as the Hammond, IN thread.
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    Thank God her state did not have a waiting period! Glad he's resting on a slab and not a gurney.
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