Homeowner Shoots & Beats Burglar with Shotgun

Homeowner Shoots & Beats Burglar with Shotgun

This is a discussion on Homeowner Shoots & Beats Burglar with Shotgun within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Police: Homeowner Shot, Beat Would-Be Burglar - Indiana News Story - WRTV Indianapolis INDIANAPOLIS -- A man shot and beat someone who was trying to ...

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Thread: Homeowner Shoots & Beats Burglar with Shotgun

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    Homeowner Shoots & Beats Burglar with Shotgun

    Police: Homeowner Shot, Beat Would-Be Burglar - Indiana News Story - WRTV Indianapolis

    INDIANAPOLIS -- A man shot and beat someone who was trying to break into his home on Indianapolis' east side early Thursday morning, police said.

    Police said Donald Robertson, 53, was asleep just after midnight when he was awakened by the sound of breaking glass.

    Robertson grabbed a shotgun and went outside, where he found Chester Burkett, 43, breaking one of the home's windows, police said.

    Authorities said the two men struggled with each other, and Robertson fired his shotgun. Police said Robertson told them he wasn't sure if he'd hit Burkett, so he struck the would-be burglar several times with the butt of the shotgun.

    Investigators said Robertson fired as many as two additional shots as Burkett ran to another home.

    Burkett was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, residential entry and attempted theft. He was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital with a shotgun wound to his thigh and several cuts on his head, police said.

    Robertson was treated at the scene and released.
    Not sure I would leave the house as this guy did, because there just might be more than one BG waiting for you. Stay in the house, and defend your home from all intruders. Easier to plead self-defense.

    Hopefully some liberal DA won't paint this GG as a vigilante who went looking for trouble.
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    sounds like standard issue "bump in the night" procedure where Im from. Could be a bear or racoons trying to get into somthing or the house. so i see justification in going outside. granted if this happened not where I'm from "aka anything resembling urban or suburban" probably not a great idea. but hey one more bad guy had a bad day!
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    I'd stay inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    I'd stay inside.
    Ditto...and that's because you are smart.

    He almost got owned and that was upon going hand to hand with just one man.
    Imagine if he had brought a friend or three. Then what?
    Yep. The story would read homeowner beaten and shot with his own shotgun.

    Stay the heck inside and check the windows from that tactical point of advantage.
    Going outside was dumb and dude got lucky.

    - Janq
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    So was there any damage to the shotgun?
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    This just in...

    Team Robertson 1

    Team Burkett 0

    Special Note: Team Burkett was also charged with a penalty for scratching a shotgun butt...Team Robertson declined the penalty!

    Final Score...
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    Thats classy, and old fashioned beating to go along with a shooting.
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    Went outside. Allowed a BG to get within contact distances. Almost lost control of the gun via a H2H scuffle. Use a loaded gun as a blunt instrument. Shot at a fleeing suspect.

    IMO, he misjudged what constituted power, control and safety in the situation, by confusing his shotgun with his brain. With the noggin, it's far better to avoid the <off> setting, before setting off.

    Glad he survived the encounter, though it appears to have been as much due to sheer dumb luck, as anything else.
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    In Indiana we have a "Castle Doctrine", so it is legal to defend ones self outside you're home. It may not be tactically sound to do so but, it is legal!
    It is illegal to commit a crime and damage a firearm while being beat about the head and neck by a law abiding homeowner though!!!
    Hope he didn't mare the gun to much!!!
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