Bad: Germantown, TN home invasion

Bad: Germantown, TN home invasion

This is a discussion on Bad: Germantown, TN home invasion within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This home invasion happened in the upscale Germantown neighborhood where it is safe and nothing like this ever happens. Apparently, the woman had had her ...

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Thread: Bad: Germantown, TN home invasion

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    Bad: Germantown, TN home invasion

    This home invasion happened in the upscale Germantown neighborhood where it is safe and nothing like this ever happens. Apparently, the woman had had her kitchen remodeled recently and there may be a connection to the perps and the remodel. After the fact, she is having her alarm system reactivated.

    It amazes me that the folks at "The Station on Your Side", News Channel 3, published the 911 tape and left the addresses of the victim and her neighbor in the recording. I am glad that the woman and her daughter were not hurt, but am amazed that the local media has chosen to expose the victims to the community in such a careless way.

    WREG-TV Memphis - 911 Tapes of Latest Germantown Home Invasion 911 tape with address

    WREG-TV Memphis - Arrest In Germantown Home Invasion; 2 More Suspects Loose 911 tape with address again

    I have emailed the reporters on the posting of an unedited 911 tape and asked them how they would feel if their address was put on the web for the whole world to have access to it. I doubt News Channel 3 will change its policy about this...and 2 different reporters linked it to their reports.

    Police say latest Germantown home invasion was not random crime : Germantown Collierville : Commercial Appeal comments by readers

    At least the Commie Appeal has a bunch of pro-gun comments posted that have not been deleted by the editor/censor as yet. Some of the posts actually have good advice in them about home security and owning a firearm for home defense.

    WMC-TV: News, Weather, Traffic, Radar, and Sports for Memphis, TN; | Images of home invasion suspects captured by surveillance camera picture of perps

    News5 has a picture of Shaw, the arrestee, and another suspect in a store trying to use the debit card of the victim.

    MyFox Memphis | Arrest Made in Germantown Home Invasion good picture of the arrestee, no address (TN_Mike: Can you get your boss to post Shaw's address and maybe his mom's and sista's address? )
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    Glad I don't live in Memphis any more. Go visit a couple of times a year, but I will stick to small town Texas.

    I don't think it matters where you try to locate. If someone is looking to steal something, well they are going to go where things are. They aint going to to try to rob someone that doesn't have anything.

    And yes lady, you should be using the alarm.

    Glad they weren't hurt.
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    I am shocked at the number of home invasions listed for Memphis (282 in 2007, a decrease from previous years!). With that many, one would think there would be a lot more dead criminals and armed homeowners.

    From the "comments" by the locals, a lot of them now seem to be considering the idea of arming. It's a good sign, but it seems like one long in coming for many of them.
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    Glad she is safe...

    I had moved to Olive Branch from Memphis, a few years back... when Olive Branch started getting bad I moved to Iowa... Best move I ever made!!! I do miss the BBQ... but that is it!!

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    I posted a thread on here a few weeks ago about home invasions.

    This is the 2nd one in Germantown in 2 weeks, and this is a expensive part of town. Made need to bring it up again......
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    I'm not sure what the stations policy is on addresses being broadcast but I can't imagine that we (WHBQ) would broadcast a victims address for the world to see. I may have to find out what our policy is on that.

    Seems that broadcasting the victims address just opens the door for them to be attacked again. Not a good idea if you ask me.
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