Protecting Copper with Lead

Protecting Copper with Lead

This is a discussion on Protecting Copper with Lead within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Protecting Copper With Lead | Mobile AL Alabama Pensacola FL Florida A wouldbe thief tried stealing copper but ended up with lead instead. Mobile Police ...

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Thread: Protecting Copper with Lead

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    Protecting Copper with Lead

    Protecting Copper With Lead | Mobile AL Alabama Pensacola FL Florida

    A wouldbe thief tried stealing copper but ended up with lead instead.
    Mobile Police say Thursday morning around 9:30am two people appeared to be stealing copper wiring from a home on Hathcox Street.
    The home owner, Fifty year-old, Gregory Hudson who lives next door to the home under renovation, confronted the two people after seeing them in the home.
    One of the intruders, police say, threatened Hudson with a bladed weapon, Hudson and the suspect became involved in a physical altercation during which time Hudson shot the man striking him once in the abdomen.
    The injured intruder was taken to USA Medical Center to be treated and could face charges of burglary and menacing once he is released from the hospital.
    The second intruder, police say, has not been identified at this time.
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    its crazy how many ppl have been stealing copper lately.
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    That's big in PGH. ~ Stealing Copper plumbing from old homes.
    They do a ton of damage to the places.
    A couple of years home boarded up but, ready for restoration. They smashed all of the beautiful antique marble sinks just to get a few extra dollars worth of brass.
    If they just would have swiped the entire sink they could have gotten a couple of hundred each for them.

    They are not too bright but they sure do know how to strip a historic home of all its plumbing in a few short minutes.
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    Those people stealing copper are making ammo prices go up. Good deal!!
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    I'm in the part-time business of competing with criminals for semi-precious metals.

    It scares the hell out of me to carry a load to sell. To make it worse, the recycling center is in the hood and I've driven through with a full size pickup loaded down with shiney bare wire.

    I take a precautions, but I have wished every time that I have sold that I were armed. Fortunately, I should have my card before I sell again.

    On a relevant note, Tennessee is in the process of establishing a registration system for copper salvage. We are going to have to have ID recorded and/or be photographed to go along with the amount and type of copper sold; as far as I know, the info is to be kept by the yard. I'm usually against anything registered, but on this one, I'm going to have to be okay with it.
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    This is a nation wide problem.

    CO has had tons of the same kind of thing happening for the last 3 years. Even up to the point of raiding parks for the brass and copper in the sprinkler systems.

    Any word on if the shooter (GG) is getting charged with anything?

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    Yeah I Live in NO VA and a Muffler shop I frequent has a Copper salvage next door. I hang out watching the crack heads (and I mean the scum of the earth) roll in with stolen copper, but it is quite a menace when the Shop I frequent is trying to have a promotional BBQ. Glad 90% of us carry around there.
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    Didn't they just steal a bunch of Highway light polls over in CA for the copper in them a few months back? It's getting nuts!

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    In New Orleans they are having a field day stealing copper and aluminum. In one school that received only minimal damage from Hurricane Katrina, thieves caused over $2.5 million in damages by stealing the copper wiring, water lines, refrigeration lines, air conditioning and refrigeration coils, drains etc. When we went out with the insurance adjusters to document the loss we ended up on the receiving end of a drive-by shooting where a little gang banger emptied a magazine from a chrome-plated automatic at us. Luckily the dude could not shoot straight.

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    To be boring but adding - yep, same problem here. It's a nationwide phenomenon.

    This area has seen contractor's materials ripped off .. house plumbing strips ... and seemingly one of the big breweries has been ''losing'' it aluminum kegs too. I am thinking scrap dealers will have to be super careful from whom they buy - to avoid handling stolen property.

    What's copper now?? About $3.50/lb I think. It's become the new pseudo gold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    Didn't they just steal a bunch of Highway light polls over in CA for the copper in them a few months back? It's getting nuts!
    When I was in FL, scum stole the wire from about ten miles of lights along I-4 near Orlando. If you pass construction sites down there, you can see the spools suspended on cranes just to make it a little harder for the common thief to sneak off with some.
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    Same in North Florida. Used to do low-voltage wiring there and had several instances of homes under construction having copper wiring and plumbing ripped out.

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