Gunman Reported On Santa Fe Community College Campus

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Thread: Gunman Reported On Santa Fe Community College Campus

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    Gunman Reported On Santa Fe Community College Campus

    Gunman Reported On Santa Fe Community College Campus - Jacksonville News Story - WJXT Jacksonville

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- A Santa Fe Community College student is being sought after he allegedly pulled a gun on another student in an on-campus cafeteria, according to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

    Gainesville police and Alachua County sheriff deputies searched the college's main campus on Northwest 83rd Street after receiving several reports of a man with a gun. There were no reports of a gun being fired and no injuries.

    News about the gunman began circulating around campus about 1 p.m. and the college sent a mass e-mail to students and faculty, began evacuating the campus and canceled classes through 7 p.m.

    College President Jackson Sasser told the Gainesville Sun that he believes they are looking for a student and that deputies believe he has left the campus.

    "Once we have searched each building, on the advice of ASO, we sent the students home and secured those buildings," Sasser told the newspaper just before 3 p.m. "We're taking extra, extra precaution."

    Deputies said the gunman and the other man may have had an altercation earlier. Both men are being sought, one of them on charges of aggravated assault.

    "We don't believe it was random," Sheriff's spokesman Art Forgey told the Sun. "(The incident) was not directed at the school in general. We believe he was looking for one person. There was apparently a purpose."

    Early Tuesday afternoon, college administrators sent the following e-mail to students and faculty:
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    When will they learn! The Gun-Free Zone signs must be strategically placed in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Thank goodness the email response system worked flawlessly and students who had not already learned of the incident by word of mouth were officially informed by campus email, which of course everyone has immediate access to 24/7/365.
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    Everybody wants to be a NUT JOB on campus!!!!!!!!!!! Like the S.O. said, this appears to be targeted - this time. I hope they find the guy and discover he actually wants to commit suicide by LEO (no, I really don't want the guy to be "understood" and receive therapy at taxpayor's expense).
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    Why do I get the idea that we would have never heard about this except in light of recent events.
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    Spot on Sixto! Any other time it would be treated as just another escalated argument.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SixBravo View Post
    Why do I get the idea that we would have never heard about this except in light of recent events.
    Because it's a non-event.

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    Mmmmm...this is just down the road from me...

    Police are now looking for an idiot with a gun...
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    Here's an update:

    A day of drama at SFCC - News -

    By Karen Voyles, Lise Fisher, Amy Reinink AND ALICE WALLACE
    Sun staff writers
    11:52 pm, February 19, 2008
    A Santa Fe Community College student was arrested without incident Tuesday about 4-1/2 hours after he allegedly pulled a gun on another student inside the food court on the college's northwest campus.
    No shots were fired and both students apparently left campus. The incident resulted in a building-by-building search for a man with a gun and classes being canceled for about five hours.

    The incident also left students criticizing SFCC for failing to notify them of a potentially dangerous situation.

    Talon Deante Jackson, 21, was arrested about 5 p.m. outside apartment 1114 at Melrose Apartments on SW 62nd Boulevard, miles from the SFCC campus. Jackson was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon on campus. He was being held on an $800,000 bond late Tuesday.

    At about the time Jackson was being arrested, SFCC President Jackson Sasser was opening a regularly scheduled meeting with the board of trustees by giving them an overview of the situation and telling them, "The best news of all is that the employees and the students are safe."

    Sasser also urged the college community to remember that, "This young man has made a serious mistake. Please remember him and his family. Sometimes students make stupid mistakes."

    Classes for the approximately 16,000 students are scheduled to resume today and all 1,200 employees are expected to return to work as usual.

    According to a written account of the incident issued by the 21-member Santa Fe Community College Police Department, the incident began at 12:20 p.m. when students reported that an armed man was seen inside the food court, which is near the center of the five-square-mile campus.

    University of Florida student Ernesto Rancel Jr. was in the SFCC Veterans Affairs office on Tuesday when Ed Hines, a Santa Fe student and former U.S. Marine, ran into the office. Hines said he had just seen an argument between two young men and one man cocked a gun.

    Rancel said he and Hines immediately alerted police.

    "Then, we went back to go get the guy," Rancel said.

    Rancel said he and Hines ran back to the area outside the cafeteria, where they saw running from campus the man whom Hines believed he had seen wielding the gun.

    "We basically wanted to make sure he was off the campus," Rancel said. "We didn't want to confront him and risk elevating the situation."

    Santa Fe student Darius Hunter said he heard two young men in the cafeteria arguing about a gambling debt, and he saw the shorter of the two men cock a gun that was in his pocket when the argument got heated.

    "The taller student started telling him, 'I'm not scared of whatever you have,''' Hunter said.

    Knowing that other students had alerted police, Hunter said he focused on informing professors about the incident.

    "Just seeing the two of them, I'm not sure he was ever intending to shoot the gun," Hunter said. "I think Ernesto and Ed made the best decisions of the day, probably because of their Marine training."

    Ironically, SFCC Police Chief Daryl Johnston was in New Hampshire on Tuesday working with a small private college on its campus security plans.

    Maj. Tom Terry was left in charge of the SFCC department and called for assistance from local agencies, including the Gainesville and UF police departments and the Alachua County Sheriff's Office. Some 70 officers from these agencies responded to the call.

    At 12:45 p.m., SFCC police used a phone system to notify employees inside the 57 buildings on campus that there was apparently a man on campus with a gun. Tim Nesler, the associate vice president for IT services, said police recorded an announcement, then sent it to the approximately 2,500 phones on campus that are outfitted with speakers. Nesler said the message is staggered so that not every phone in every office is getting the message at one time.

    "That makes it more likely that if someone heard a portion of the message, they could still hear the entire thing when it comes over the next phone," Nesler said.

    He said once a faculty or staff member heard the message, they were to begin notifying other people in their building.

    Larry Keen, an assistant to SFCC President Jackson Sasser, said a series of e-mails was sent to faculty and staff members throughout the day to keep them updated on the situation.

    As word of the situation began filtering across campus, confusion erupted over what to do, according to students and college employees.

    At least a dozen students who had been studying mitosis in a biology class were milling around the lobby of Building X, which is across from the police department where a command post had been established. The students watched through floor-to-ceiling windows as officers assembled a few feet away, some with German shepherds, automatic weapons and bulletproof vests.

    "(Police) told us not to leave the building and a teacher told us that someone would be coming in to search the building," said Megan Edwards, a student from Punta Gorda. "We aren't sure if it's safe to leave so we don't know what we should do."

    Edwards and her classmates thought they had signed up for a text-message alert system and were dismayed they had not been notified of a problem on campus.

    English Professor Rod Woehler said a student told him about the situation. After 11 years on campus, Woehler said he thought it would be best to confirm the information so he called campus police between classes.

    "They told me a man had been seen on campus with a gun, but they didn't tell me what to do," Woehler said. "I tried to think about what was best for my students to do and we talked about it."

    Some felt they were not safe inside a classroom, in part because of how students had been gunned down in classrooms in recent campus shootings. "It seemed logical to me for us to leave since we were not hearing shots being fired outside," Woehler said. He led his class to a grassy area adjacent to the police department where he felt they would be safe and eventually the students drifted away.

    Officers began going from building to building searching each office and classroom, then locking up the buildings. Other officers were stationed at entry points to the campus, turning people away.

    "There was no evacuation, but we did ask people to leave," Terry said.

    While they were clearing the campus, investigators began narrowing the search for the person they suspected of wielding a gun in the food court.

    The search initially focused on Jackson's girlfriend's apartment at Bivens Cove Apartments, 3301 SW 13th St., according to spokesman Art Forgey with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

    Officers from GPD and the Sheriff's Office responded to the complex shortly before 4 p.m., and also brought SWAT members and an armored vehicle from the Sheriff's Office SWAT team in case forced entry was necessary.

    But police first decided to wait for Jackson's girlfriend, who had told police she would let them into her apartment to search for Jackson.

    Around 4:30 p.m., Jackson's girlfriend showed up and told police that Jackson was actually across town at Melrose Apartments, 1000 SW 62nd Blvd.

    While officers were en route to Melrose Apartments, an official at Bivens Cove was able to reach Jackson by phone.

    The official kept Jackson on the phone until police arrived and were able to convince Jackson to surrender to officers stationed outside unit 1114 in Melrose Apartments.

    Jackson's arrest Tuesday was not his first.

    In November, Jackson was arrested and charged with robbery by sudden snatching and dealing in stolen property after he allegedly stole a $16,000 diamond ring off the finger of a clerk at a jewelry store at The Oaks Mall. His arrest came after he allegedly attempted to pawn the ring at a shop across the street from the mall the day after it was stolen, according to reports, and he was out on bail.

    He was also arrested in February on a battery charge, and he has several traffic citations pending against him for infractions including driving with a suspended license and driving with an expired tag, according to Alachua County court records.

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    That English professor is a tactical genius.
    Quote Originally Posted by article
    "It seemed logical to me for us to leave since we were not hearing shots being fired outside," Woehler said. He led his class to a grassy area adjacent to the police department where he felt they would be safe and eventually the students drifted away.
    No shots heard= safe. So move from a semi-protected area with some concealment and probably cover to a completely un-protected area with zero concealment or cover. Hmmm...
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