Sheriff's office investigates shooting

Sheriff's office investigates shooting

This is a discussion on Sheriff's office investigates shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Local News Sheriff's office investigates shooting By Paula Clair Email this article Printer friendly page Two men were transported to St. John’s Hospital-Springfield with bullet ...

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Thread: Sheriff's office investigates shooting

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    Sheriff's office investigates shooting

    Local News

    Sheriff's office investigates shooting
    By Paula Clair

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    Two men were transported to St. John’s Hospital-Springfield with bullet wounds today after seeking treatment at St. John’s Hospital-Lebanon, and are now possible suspects in an attempted break-in in the 18000 area of Omega Drive.

    According to Laclede County Sheriff Richard E. Wrinkle, dispatch received a call about someone attempting to break in to the residence.

    The home owner reportedly said he was awakened by someone trying to break in to the front door of his house.

    “He had reported that he had been having some things stolen from his property. He got his rifle and fired one shot through the front door of his house. He looked out the back door, and saw two people running west or south of his place in the direction of a neighboring home,” said Wrinkle.

    Since the homeowner does not have a phone, he went to a neighbor’s house to place the phone call to the sheriff’s office.

    “(Deputies) found everything the way (the man) had said it was. The front door had been pried on. They couldn’t find any blood and there wasn’t enough snow to have any footprints,” said Wrinkle.

    The man told deputies he believed it might have been the neighbors he had been having problems with recently. When deputies went to speak with the neighbors, the lights of the residence were on but no one came to the door.

    A few minutes later, a suspicious car was spotted at the home where the attempted burglary took place.

    Wrinkle said he was notified about the car and responded to the scene, but the vehicle had left. A deputy traveling on Omega said he had met a car near Interstate 44 and when the vehicle had turned onto the Interstate, it had its emergency flashers on.

    Deputies then called St. John’s-Lebanon to see if anyone had been admitted with a gunshot wound within the last few minutes.

    The hospital reported that two men did come in with gunshot wounds. One man had been shot in the abdomen and had entrance and exit wounds, and the other had been shot at angle with no exit wound.

    “They said they were walking down the road and someone shot them,” said Wrinkle. “They were both airlifted to (St. John’s Hospital-Springfield).”

    Wrinkle said the men are not cooperative and continue to say they were shot while walking along a road.

    Detectives will be sent to Springfield today to speak with the men and to recover the bullet, said Wrinkle.

    More information should become available later today.

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    This was a few miles from my house... I think in all the excitement was he forgot to be sure at what he was shooting at and what was behind what he was shooting at...

    But, they got what they deserved.
    Semper Fi!

    Engineers Up!

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    It's simple. When he shot through the door he missed the ones trying to break in and hit those two fellows just walking down the road minding thier own business. Police should be out looking for who was actually trying to break in rather than eating doughnuts, drinking coffee and harassing innocent victims.

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    I'm not sure that I would just want to shoot through the front door without knowing who is there...
    If the door holds, no harm done until the cops arrive. Now if the door is forced open, the action changes considerably...

    Stay armed...know your target, clearly...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    The news just showed it was a trailer down a dirt road. The Sheriff must have read my post because he said he doesn't advocate shooting thru a door when you don't know who or what is behind it. He also goes on to say... "being realistic in southwest Missouri, if someone is trying to break into your home at 5:30 in the morning and you shoot them, it would be hard to find a jury that would find you... you wouldn't have much in jeopardy." They do not anticipate pressing charges against the shooter.

    BTW, there was no phone in the trailer and no nearby neighbors.

    I am on jury duty for the next few months....

    OOOHRahh for southwest Missouri!
    Semper Fi!

    Engineers Up!

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