Lucky day for Fire Chief

Lucky day for Fire Chief

This is a discussion on Lucky day for Fire Chief within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Lots of hype, but probably just a fragment of a ricochet after hitting plate glass. Doubtful the projectile had much energy left. Leave it to ...

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Thread: Lucky day for Fire Chief

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    Lucky day for Fire Chief

    Lots of hype, but probably just a fragment of a ricochet after hitting plate glass. Doubtful the projectile had much energy left. Leave it to a Chief

    Low Country Fire Chief Shot, DVD in Pocket Stops Bullet

    WALTERBORO, SC (WTOC) - Breakfast at the Waffle House turned into a life changing event for Colleton County Fire chief Barry McRoy. A fight broke out, a shot was fired and McRoy was hit. But it's not the fight that has people talking, it's what saved his life.

    It's hard to believe, but a DVD in his pocket stopped the bullet from hitting him directly and he's feeling pretty lucky to be around to tell his story.

    It all happened Saturday afternoon at the Waffle House in Walterboro. McRoy had stopped in for breakfast after fighting an early morning fire.

    "About 6 as I was exiting, a gentleman opened the door," explained McRoy. "As I went to exit, two guys ran into the building, knocked both of us against the wall. We were inside the glassed-in vestibule, three feet by six feet."

    McRoy said the two men were fighting over a gun when it went off. "There wasn't any time to think," he said. "The whole situation probably didn't take 15 seconds, glass shattered and it was like wow, a gun went off."

    McRoy says the bullet ricocheted off the window and went right through his jacket, hitting a DVD he had in his pocket.

    "I think it would have been worse," said McRoy. "DVDs are pretty tough and with the damage to the DVD, had it not been there, I'm sure it would have penetrated into my abdomen."

    "'It's the first time I've ever heard of this kind of thing," said Walterboro Police detective, Maj. Ken Dasen. "He's very fortunate in this matter. I think because it was a ricocheted off a window that it reduced the velocity in order for that CD to actually stop the bullet and save his life."

    "I feel very blessed," said McRoy. "God definitely took care of me. I got the DVD that night less than 12 hours before. Someone had given it to me and I stuck it in my pocket."

    McRoy didn't even know he was shot until he began talking to officers, minutes after.

    "My stomach kept hurting and there was a hole in my jacket," said McRoy. " I made the comment about the hole being there and the Sergeant said hey, it looks like you've been shot. I looked. There was no blood. I stuck my hand in my pocket and the DVD case in there was just shattered so I pulled the DVD case out and gave it to him. The DVD was also damaged. I stuck my hand back in there and the bullet was in my jacket."

    While McRoy realizes the seriousness of what happened, he's tried to keep his sense of humor.

    "Everybody has been kidding me, everyone has been bringing in DVDs and leaving them in my office," said McRoy. "Some of the policemen said they're gong to buy them because they're cheaper than vests."

    Walterboro Police say the whole ordeal stemmed from a fight the two men had at a club in the county earlier that morning.

    Police have arrested 22-year-old Jairus Mack, charging him with two counts of assault and battery with intent to kill, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a crime and for unlawfully carrying a pistol.

    Investigators say Mack and the man he had a fight with are gang members, but they're not sure if this is a gang-motivated incident.

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