WISH TV 8: Indianapolis News and Weather - Father shot in front of his children during home invasion robbery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Metro Police are still investigating a Saturday morning shooting on the city's near north side where one of the suspects shot the victim right in front of his children.

Police say around two Saturday morning a home on north Kenwood Avenue was the scene of a vicious attack that left 31-year old Cory Tennon with severe injuries.

"I heard a big kaboom and I was very scared I was laying up there in my bed," neighbor Sharon Lewis said.

Investigators say Tennon was up stairs sleeping at the time when all of a sudden four masked men broke into the house and fired several shots one of those bullets striking him in the face.

"My understanding is he's going to be ok," Lt. Jeff Duhamell said.

But police say this situation could have been much worse.

"A lot of times a bullet, depending on the type of caliber, it can penetrate through dry wall and so forth," Lt. Duhamell said.

Police say it's also possible a bullet could have hit one of the four children in the house or maybe even a neighbor.

"You could be sitting on the porch and one of these stray bullets can you hit you because they shoot in the daytime and the night they don't care when they shoot it's terrible," Sharon said.

In the meantime residents are left wondering if the suspects targeted the house or if it was just another random act of violence.

"It's starting to get the point where it's reminding me of Chicago or New York. It's ruthless out here," Indianapolis resident Brian Brown said.

Police say no one has been arrested.

The four children meanwhile are in the care of their grandmother.