Key Role Of Armed Student In Jerusalem

Key Role Of Armed Student In Jerusalem

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Thread: Key Role Of Armed Student In Jerusalem

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    Key Role Of Armed Student In Jerusalem

    BELLEVUE, WA - An armed student at Jerusalem's Mercaz Haray seminary played a crucial role in stopping a gun-wielding terrorist Thursday, but the American press is downplaying his heroism because it proves that armed students can stop campus gunmen, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

    Yitzhak Dadon, 40, was described as "a private citizen who had a gun license and was able to shoot the gunman with his pistol" by reporter Etgar Lefkovitz with the Jerusalem Post. However, many news agencies in the United States are downplaying Dadon's decisive role in the incident.

    "Yitzhak Dadon is a hero," said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, "and he is living proof that armed students have a place on college campuses. Thankfully, his quick action was reported by the international press, including Mr. Lefkovitz, so unlike incidents here in the United States where the press was able to completely ignore the actions of armed students or teachers, the truth about this incident will not be suppressed.

    "Mr. Dadon is not going to become a victim of this conspiracy of silence," Gottlieb continued. "Elitist American college administrators, the national press, nor anti-gun politicians can sweep this incident under their rug."

    Internationally published reports say Dadon studies at the yeshiva, and had his pistol when the shooting erupted. When the gunman emerged from a library, Dadon reportedly shot him twice in the head. The gunman was subsequently shot by the off-duty soldier.

    "Yitzhak Dadon's apparently well-placed bullets interrupted a rampage," Gottlieb said. "What a pity that someone like Mr. Dadon was not in class last April at Virginia Tech. What a tragedy that anti-gun extremism would keep him from attending class at Northern Illinois University. He would never be allowed to teach at Columbine High School, hold a job at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, or go shopping at Omaha's Westroads Mall.

    "America's acquiescence to anti-gun hysteria has led to one tragedy after another," Gottlieb stated. "This disastrous policy has given us nothing but broken hearts and body counts, and it's got to end. The heroism of an armed Israeli seminary student halfway across the world sends a message that we needn't submit to murder in victim disarmament zones. That's why his actions are getting such short shrift from America's press. It's a story they are loathe to report because it affirms a philosophy of self-reliance that they despise."


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    Very interesting to hear. Where is this article at? I'd like to read more on it.

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    I went searching for other confirmation of this and found this story from an Israeli news source. It appears that rather than a liberal conspiracy to downplay the student's role it was actually a controversial remark by the student defender that got him omitted from the official initial reports . The Yahoo news story I found mentions the student defender, it is not emphasized or praised, but he is mentioned.
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    An armed, part time student with a gun stops a massacre with the help of an armed, off duty army officer........who'd thunk it?!?

    Thoughts and prayers to the families of the murdered.
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    Congrats to Mr. Dadon...
    Congrats to Israel for allowing Mr. Dadon to arm himself...
    Congrats to excellent marksmanship...
    Congrats to the dirtbag terrorist for accepting the 'lead' prize...

    Hopefully someday, people will begin to understand the importance of getting rid of 'gun-free zones' here in all fifty states...

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    Got this thread from another web site

    Press 'ignores' terrorist stopped by armed <I>student</i>

    Armed student takes out bad bad it was not here in the states
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    I was listening to Tom Gresham's podcast and he made light of this same thing. That student saved many lives that day and he deserves more than to be brushed under the rug.

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    Numerous accounts have been written and broadcast and always with reference to the "off duty soldier" never a mention of the private citizen "student". That would not fit in with there agenda....

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