Good and Bad: JAGSonville, FL

Good and Bad: JAGSonville, FL

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Thread: Good and Bad: JAGSonville, FL

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    Good and Bad: JAGSonville, FL

    first shot good

    second shot bad

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    Not so sure about that. He had no idea if the perp was going to turn and shoot at him.
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    Maybe he need to invest in a new carry weapon called "the JUDGE", might'a made the first shot count.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Bravo Zulu on the car wash manager on saving his own life and "hooking his attacker up". I also am leaning towards the second shot wasn't 'bad'. after being stabbed I'd imagine he was gonna shoot til his attacker dropped

    I'm getting very leary about going in and out of J-ville. Sunday afternoon a young woman was raped at the Avenues Mall (the "nice, upscale shopping experience") . Young woman raped inside Avenues Mall bathroom - Jacksonville News Leader

    Shoplifters are shooting the cops persueing them....

    I've got more than story of people I know personally getting caught up in the 'stuff' here....

    It seems every city is suffering through an upturn in violent criminal activity, Chicago, Philly. are examples WRT current threads and criminal violence of action.

    Here's hoping every fence riding American realizes that it's up to 'us', each individual, to insure thier safty.

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    "Stabbed several times" means he had a possibility of passing out with the attacker coming back and finishing the job. I consider the second shot within the stand your ground laws and, evidently, the police did also.
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    What's this about "chambering a round", then shooting to stop a knife attack? Of course, the good guy did get stabbed, fortunately not severely.

    Gotta be scary as hell. I think if I were him I would keep a round chambered.
    Anti-gunners seem to believe that if we just pass enough laws, we can have utopia. Unfortunately, utopia is NOT one of our choices.

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