First Four Rules....

First Four Rules....

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Thread: First Four Rules....

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    Thumbs down First Four Rules....

    Now can someone repeat the First Four Rules....

    Man kills neighbor in 'freak accident' -

    Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Trying to shoot his own cow?

    Methinks there might have been some alcohol involved......

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    lets see, ahh yes. know your target and whats beyond that. (theres one)
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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Trying to shoot his own cow?

    Methinks there might have been some alcohol involved......

    Maybe he got the sudden desire to grill some steaks and, well, there was the cow....
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    There's a charge with some jail time in there somewhere...
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    He hits his neighbor but not the cow. Having herded cows, I am going to assume the cow was running and the neighbor was trying to head it off. My question is why would a person try to snoot a running cow with a pistol. If your own cow got out why would you want to shoot it instead of catching it.
    Maybe he didn't like his neighbor and found it a good time to get rid of him.

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    It's sad to hear about an accident like that which could have been avoided. Livestock out near a highway really make me nervous, the loose animal can surely cause an unsuspecting driver to panic and have a bad wreck.

    I've had cows get out from time to time, though it's rare. Whenever I check my cows, I occasionally bring some feed to mine in a bucket, and honk my horn as I approach them (think Pavlov). Whenever one is out, the first thing I do is get a bucket and make some noise so they'll follow me back to the nearest open gate. Works pretty much everytime unless some helpful city-slickers have been trying too hard and already have the cow all hyped up before I get there. It's important to know your adversary too. A mature cow will tend to look for a gate, they know it is an opening to the pasture and they'll tend to use it. A young calf or heifer really hasn't learned that yet, and won't look for an open gate and will just as soon jump through the fence right next to an open gate.

    For something running wild and unmanageable I have a tranquilizer gun that works pretty well. So far I've never had to use it on an animal that was loose in public. Once though, I had a neighbor who had goats and one had escaped right at dusk and was impossible to corral. My neighbor asked for my help with the tranquilizer gun, so I hid nearby and they were going to spook the goat a little so he'd pass near my hiding place. Well the pass he made by me was at a speed approaching the sound barrier. He was running wide open, like a deer and of course is a small target as well. I got lucky and hit him with the dart in a full run, within ten minutes he was laying down snoring. When he woke up he was back in his pen.
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    I'm thinking freak accident not,I wasn't there but I wouldn't doubt if the guy doesn't get charged with some kind of charge
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    That happened last fall here in Oklahoma when an officer attempted to shoot a snake in a tree and ended up hitting the grandson while he and his grandfather were fishing. Hit him twice and he died on the spot. A very bad situation.
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