Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA

Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA

This is a discussion on Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here we got a bad guy that got away but the good guy is living to tell about it. I'm sure most of you would ...

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Thread: Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA

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    Thumbs up Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA

    Here we got a bad guy that got away but the good guy is living to tell about it. I'm sure most of you would say he should have pulled the trigger and eliminated him from the gene pool.

    Robbers Flee After Confrontation With Homeowner|abc27 News
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    Probably some punk kids trying to scare the old man.

    +1 to him though.

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    I saw this in the local paper this morning. Here's their article Armed homeowner foils invasion- PennLive.com

    Armed homeowner foils invasion
    Saturday, May 31, 2008
    Of Our Cumberland County Bureau
    CARLISLE - Eugene Johnson reacted in a flash when his wife heard someone kick in the back door of their Carlisle home at 2:30 a.m. Friday.

    Johnson, 75, a retired Army sergeant first class who fought in the Korean War, grabbed his pistol. He was ready when a silhouette of a man appeared in the darkened doorway of his bedroom.

    "He said, 'Don't move, I have a gun,'" Johnson recalled. "I said, 'Buddy, I've got a gun, too, and it's [aimed] right on you.

    "Things got quiet then," he said.

    They got quiet because the would-be home invader had high-tailed it out of there, police said.

    Johnson would have been legally justified in pulling the trigger, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said.

    "The homeowner acted appropriately," Freed said. "Criminals who break into occupied homes assume the risk of being shot by the homeowners."

    Johnson, a 20-year Army veteran who spent nearly three years as a prisoner of war in North Korea, said Friday's incident occurred two weeks after another burglary at his home in the 1200 block of North West Street.

    He and his wife, Bernadine, 71, were away during the May 16 break-in. "They trashed the place and stole money," Johnson said.

    The back door that was damaged in the earlier burglary had not yet been repaired when the invader or invaders kicked it in Friday. Once inside, the culprit or culprits turned off the home's electricity, he said.

    "My wife heard the back door being smashed. All at once the lights went out, and she told me, 'Get your gun,'" Johnson said.

    He said he isn't sure how many people were involved in the break-in, but he saw only one man and heard one male voice.

    Lt. Michael Dzezinski said police don't know if the May 16 burglary and Friday's home invasion are connected.

    The man who threatened the Johnsons might have been trying to detain them while accomplices rifled through the house, he said.

    Police don't have a description of the burglar who confronted the couple, and no suspects were found during a search of the area immediately after the invasion, Dzezinski said.

    Anyone with information may call police at 243-5252.

    MATT MILLER: 249-2006 or mmiller@patriot-news.com


    Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said Pennsylvania law allows residents to use deadly force to protect themselves from threats in their homes. They do not have an obligation to retreat before using such force, as they would under other circumstances.
    I especially like the D.A.'s comments.
    Clinging to guns and God in PA...

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    I think the old man did just fine.

    He's had enough in his life, didn't need a shooting on his mind as well. Remember, the goal is to stop them. He stopped them with out bloodshed. Good on him. Not his job to clean up the gene pool, not our job either. Stop them. If it takes a dose of lead to do it, so be it, but if it doesn't, so much the better.

    I don't think it was a joke, or kids trying to scare the old man, they just had a real bad plan for a robbery. Folks that do that aren't very bright to start with.

    I live on the outskirts of Carlisle. Nice quiet town, very low crime rate. Everybody here hunts, or close enough that the difference doesn't matter. About everybody has at least one gun, most have several - they close the town and roll up the streets the first day of deer season. Lot of handgun deer hunters here too.

    I think we get some of the criminals from Harrisburg coming here looking for easy pickings.

    Lot of retired military folks here - this being the story of one of them. They can take care of themselves just fine.

    Not a good place to be doing a break in.

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    While most of us might have pulled the trigger, he was successful at ending the confrontation. He did fine And besides, his old lady probably didn't want to bother with the mess. :)

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    Well now those same kids WILL try it again, and perhaps do serious damage to someone else...at taxpayer expense.

    The dirtbags should have been stopped in their tracks. Even my 'easy going wife' would not stand for someone breaking into our home...someone breaking in...IS...going to be carried out...no questions asked!
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    Wow! A POW for 3 years when he was only 18 years old.

    I hope they don't come back again.

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    When he said I have a gun the next thing he would of heard was me blowing holes through him with my 12 gauge
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    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    Sorry, I may have made a comment, but I would have dropped him... since he had already made the threat and advised me that he had a gun. I would not have taken the chance he would begin shooting into the room.

    I have had someone standing at my bedroom door at night with no lights, seeing only their figure, dog growling at them, etc. I told them.... "I have a gun..... don't move". The hammer was back and the trigger about 1/2 pulled.... they were 1 hair away from being shot. He left in a hurry... I called 911 (advising them I had a gun in hand) and they told me to put the gun away... I told them "nope, lady .. no way in hell I"m doing that when I don't know if they are or aren't still in the house".

    I cleared the house.... police came about the time I got done. Glad I didn't call them and wait for help.

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