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This is a discussion on Sick: No Personal Defense within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Oh well, lets just forgive him because it wasn't his fault, it was the alcohol, and drugs. I hope the other charges referred to are ...

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Thread: Sick: No Personal Defense

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    Updated: It was the drugs.

    Oh well, lets just forgive him because it wasn't his fault, it was the alcohol, and drugs. I hope the other charges referred to are attempted murder, or something that will keep in prison for a long, long time.

    Suspect: Alcohol, drug abuse are to blame for beating

    By Lynn LaRowe Texarkana Gazette

    A man accused of assaulting a woman last week told a Miller County Circuit Judge abuse of whiskey and drugs are to blame.
    “The allegations are only allegations at this point, but there is reason to believe this is far beyond an alcohol or drug problem,” Miller County Circuit Judge Jim Hudson shortly after setting Heath Shane Dickerson’s bail at $150,000. “There is probable cause to believe you committed this offense. You have no prior felony convictions, but there is a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, assaults and resistance to law enforcement efforts to reign you in.”
    Dickerson, 27, is alleged to have beaten Brittany Nicole Gerber, 26, over a period of hours Friday. Dickerson told Hudson he wanted to get counseling and continue his relationship with Gerber.
    “The day this happened I’d been drinking a bunch of whis- key,” Dickerson said. “It all boils down to me having a drug and alcohol problem. It’s got pretty bad.”
    Dickerson told Hudson he had previously completed a drug treatment program but that he had relapsed and was using alcohol and crack cocaine.
    Dickerson seemed stunned when Hudson announced his bail would be set at $150,000.
    “Stand down sir,” Hudson said as Dickerson began to speak again.
    Hudson told Dickerson that if he does manage to post bond he is to have no contact with Gerber or any member of her family.
    “That means no messages, no calls, no driving by, no nothing,” Hudson warned.
    To secure his release through a commercial bondsman, Dickerson will have to raise $15,000 cash and put up $150,000 worth of collateral.
    Hudson appointed the Miller County Public Defender’s Office to represent Dickerson after he denied being able to afford a private defense attorney.
    Dickerson was ordered to return to court July 8 for a pretrial hearing.
    According to Melanie Long, Gerber’s mother, she is recovering from a broken neck, fractured jaw, numerous broken bones in her face and multiple stab wounds. Long said Dickerson used a 10 pound dumbbell weight, his fists and a butter knife in the alleged assault.
    Gerber was taken off a ventilator Monday that had been helping her breathe. Gerber’s airway was being restricted by the swelling in her face and neck, Long said.
    “She’s in a lot of pain and she’s very weak,” Long said. “She’s on a feeding tube. She’s so confused and scared.”
    Long said the feeding tube was inserted because doctors had to wire Gerber’s broken jaw shut. Gerber is scheduled to face a second surgery on her face Thursday, Long said.
    The victim was discovered Friday by co-workers who were concerned when she didn’t come to work, according to a spokesman with the Texarkana, Ark., Police Department. Dickerson was arrested Monday when a neighbor called police after spotting him entering the same house where the assault occurred.
    Hudson began Dickerson’s first court appearance by explaining his constitutional rights to remain silent and have a lawyer. Currently, Dickerson faces a single count of first-degree domestic battery, Hudson said.
    “We will be investigating to see if any other charges are warranted and it looks like they will be,” said Deputy Prosecutor Carlton Jones.
    Jones said the domestic battery charge Dickerson currently faces carries a punishment range of between six and 30 years in an Arkansas prison.
    Before Hudson set Dickerson’s bail, Dickerson asked Hudson for leniency. “With me having a job right now and kids I was wondering if you could make it to where I could reach a bond and keep being productive,” Dickerson said. “Please.”
    Hudson told Dickerson he had to consider his prior criminal history and the current offense to determine an appropriate bail amount. Dickerson told Hudson he remembered appearing before him as a juvenile for alleged crimes such as forgery, theft, breaking and entering and robbery.
    Hudson’s review of the suspect’s criminal history included charges of battery and cruelty to an animal in 1990.
    “I killed a pet snake I had given to my ex-girlfriend,” Dickerson said. “I think it was a Ball Python. She didn’t want it anymore.”
    Hudson also mentioned Dickerson’s arrest in 2002 for DWI, possession of drugs and refusal to submit to breathalyzer testing. “On that drug parerphenalia charge it was a small pipe with a little bit of marijuana in it,” Dickerson said.
    “It was my ex-girlfriend’s and she never would come forward and confess.”
    Dickerson was arrested in January by officials in Miller County for assaulting Gerber. He told Hudson he was supposed to begin anger management classes this week.
    “We got into it at a motel here,” Dickerson said. “They were going to let me take some classes and probate me for a year.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    He has shown that he can not function in our society and must be permanently removed from it, either life in prison or a more permanent solution
    OK, my vote is for the 'more permanent solution'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerbouchard View Post
    I vote for the more permanent solution.
    +1. Too bad he didn't end up going to the wrong house and meet Mr. Magnum.
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    Did you notice that everything he has been charged with before was someone else's fault? "it was the booze and drugs fault", yea right.
    Once a verdict of guilty is rendered, he immediatly needs to be marched into the courthouse square and HUNG, by the neck, until dead!
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    Y'all are all way to hasty on your thoughts for this guys future. 20 years even 10 years is to harsh for this young man. We need to offer his a nice sit down dinner, and then a chair... an electric chair!!!
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