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GOOD:Customer Pulls Gun on Bank Robber (Merged)

This is a discussion on GOOD:Customer Pulls Gun on Bank Robber (Merged) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Yeah, I was guessing it was an "Israeli draw." Good on him... I love this line: "but I have a bomb" says the robber, astonished ...

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    Yeah, I was guessing it was an "Israeli draw." Good on him...

    I love this line: "but I have a bomb" says the robber, astonished to find anyone standing up to him.
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    My thought was they only mentoin the cc pointing at the perp ,but what about if there was a second robber with a gun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by friend of mine View Post
    I am in a quandry as to whether I would pull my gun and risk lives for the banks money.
    The threat to life already exists, if an actual weapon is in play. The threat of a bomb is somewhat different, as is a hidden weapon, since it's unclear that it actually exists.

    I, too, am hesitant to come out, guns blazing, in a situation where I perceive a brewing crime occurring, particularly when no overt violence has yet been taken by the criminal. At the opening moment of a crime going down, it's hard to know, yes, whether there's a second criminal in the mix, whether there's an actual weapon, whether the threat real or merely perceived (via subterfuge as to a claimed bomb). Now, the instant a lethal weapon is pulled and pointed at someone, or folks start getting herded into the back, or the criminal's behavior starts going sideways ... well then, everything changes. At that point, I would view time as being very short and absolutely take immediate action.

    Kudos on the person for taking action. Kudos for the district attorney for not going deaf, dumb and blind as to reality. Kudos to the bank staff for acknowledging what was a good and selfless act on the part of a citizen who chose not to die at the hands of pond scum. It should be that simple.
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    The whole point of robbing a bank is to get money. Threatening to blow everyone up...INCLUDING a particularly idiotic way to get money. Empty threat.

    It's the nutjob zealots, fanatics, etc. that you've gotta worry about. The people who don't really want any THING. You can't rob someone for a THING if you're threat is to make yourself a greasy smear on the ground.

    I think the guy did AOK.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BENZIN View Post
    My thought was they only mentoin the cc pointing at the perp ,but what about if there was a second robber with a gun?
    Possible, but very low probability. Bank robbery is one of the stupidest crimes because of the high probability of being caught. Very unlikely to have two perpetrators, especially one not obviously participating. Even the dumbest want to avoid a death sentence.

    There have been bank robberies where customers and employees were killed. IIRC, the carnage began immediately, in which case interfering only increases the likelihood of survival.
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    Here is a link to the bank robbery I was talking about.
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    I think he did good and I think you have to account for his background. He was from the land where folks blow themselves up regularly, served six years in the Lebanese army, and he was there. He was onsite and able to size up the threat.
    I also don't think any local-yokal trying to get money is going to blow him/herself up for a robbery. If their goal is money, they're going to have a hard time getting it if they're in a billion pieces on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and I suspect your average american bank robber is going to understand that concept.
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    I'm not sure that I would have wanted to pull a weapon if I did not see one being used. I think about the possibilities each and every time I use my bank. (No problems with CCW in FL banks.)

    How many bank robbers? Their positions (physically inside the bank)? Are threats being made? Can I find cover behind a pillar or wall? Will I be mistaken for a 'robber' if police show up and I have a gun in my hand?

    I do not want to be in a position to save the bank's money if no one's life is threatened...I'm not a cop nor a hero. I only want to get home in one piece.

    Additional question...I thought one couldn't take a weapon into a MI bank...(Glad the customer did, though...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
    The whole point of robbing a bank is to get money. Threatening to blow everyone up...INCLUDING a particularly idiotic way to get money. Empty threat.
    Yeah, but did you see the story from a couple years ago where the guy robbing the bank had an explosive necklace on, claimed he was being forced to do the robbery, and ended up having the bomb go off afterward? (Of course, he was actually complicit in the robbery and a total tool...) Which just goes to show you, idiots with bombs do rob banks.

    * Two Indicted in Pizza-Bomb Robbery Case

    In this case, though, I will give the benefit of the doubt to the armed citizen. He didn't see the note, so he didn't know about a 'bomb' when he confronted the moron. Moreover, the reaction of said moron (*blink* *blink* ... "But...I have a bomb!") might have sufficiently convinced Fawzi the moron was bluffing.

    So, kudos to the good guy!

    On another note, I wouldn't have suspected that the Lebanese Army trained Israeli style...
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    Just a comment

    The bank employee told the long time customer and he saved the day, I hope he gets a reward. Seems unusual the bank would tell a customer especially if they knew he was armed.

    I don't hold it against him if he did not have a round chambered. He may have decided the sound would provide an additional deterrence to the "bomber".

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    He did well!

    Must be nice to not have to disarm to enter a bank.

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    I would have to say that the customer is very familiar with the effects of homemade bombs and perhaps decided it was worth the risk to challenge the robber.
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    Bomb bank robbery... Smart?

    UPDATE: Gun Beats Bomb in Bank Robbery

    UPDATE: Gun Beats Bomb in Bank Robbery || | WXYZ-TV / Detroit | Detroit News, Weather, Sports and More

    Last Update: 10:06 am

    Slideshow (WXYZ) -- An attempted bank robbery in Canton played out like a scene from a movie Monday when a man who police say claimed to have a bomb was stopped by a customer armed with a pistol.


    The drama started just after the Comerica bank on Michigan Ave. opened around 9 a.m. Police say 54-year-old man Joseph Webster from Washtenaw County walked up to a teller and handed her a note claiming he had a bomb strapped to his body.


    The fast-thinking teller hit the silent alarm while filling a bag with $1 bills -- until, police say, Webster demanded "bands of 50s and 100s." Another teller saw the situation unfolding and alerted Nabil Fawzi, 39, a long-time customer.

    Fawzi, who spent six years in the Lebanese army, took matters into his own hands.

    He tells he pulled out a 9 mm handgun (for which he had a CCW permit), racked a bullet in the chamber, pointed it at Webster and announced, "You are not robbing this bank!"

    The startled Webster countered with, "but, I have a bomb" -- but Fawzi wasn't impressed. "I don't care. You are not robbing this bank!" was the reply from the other side of the gun. He then forced the Webster into a chair and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

    Police tell there were no injuries, no issues with Fawzi's CCW permit, and no bomb found at the scene.

    Webster was arraigned Tuesday afternoon and charged with one count of bank robbery, one count of armed robbery, and a habitual third offense. He faces 25 years to life in prison.
    Not sure if it was the smartest thing to do but it worked.

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    got a question for you guys:

    1. is the Comerica bank posted for no CCW? I would find it ironic if it did.

    2. I saw this post in another site. some members there posted that the CCWer should have lit the robber then and there because the bomb did post a threat. would it have been a justified shoot if he double tap this guy in noggin presumably because he had a bomb hidden in his chest?

    I personally admire the CCWer. No one was hurt; they caught the perp; and the bank was not rob. Good work on his part.
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    He got lucky the guy was bluffing. Stupid move over all I think. If you gonna pull on a "Guy with a bomb", you better be removing the cranium and it's contents, not having a conversation with him.

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