Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR

Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR

This is a discussion on Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Paris, AR is about 45 miles from me. I didn't hear about this incident until today. What is going on with people these days? Jealousy ...

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Thread: Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR

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    Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR

    Paris, AR is about 45 miles from me. I didn't hear about this incident until today. What is going on with people these days?
    Jealousy may have motivated man to kill Wal-Mart employee
    BOONEVILLE - New details are emerging about the murder of a Wal-Mart associate who was gunned down in a Paris parking lot Friday. A judge set his bond at one million dollars at the Logan County Courthouse in Booneville Monday morning. 5NEWS investigates why authorities believe Robert Lee James pulled the trigger.

    Police say the 60-year-old was estranged from his wife and believe the murderous act he's accused of may have been motivated by jealousy. With eyewitness testimony and Wal-Mart surveillance video, prosecutors say they have a strong case against the man they allege killed his wife's boyfriend.

    Witnesses told police that Wal-Mart associate Tony Rice had just clocked out and walked his girlfriend and co-worker Heather James to her car. A report by Arkansas State Police states that James' husband Robert came up and began firing a handgun.

    "Everybody came running up to us, saying, there's somebody just got shot, don't go out," Paris resident Angela Knight told 5NEWS Friday evening. "And I saw the terrible stuff, when I saw blood on some of the other workers."

    Those on the scene told police that 41-year-old Tony Rice attempted to run away but fell to the ground. They say Robert James fired more shots before he fled the scene.

    The report reveals the suspect later told police he and his wife had been separated for a month and that she had been dating the victim. He reportedly told them he had gone to the store to buy bread when he saw the couple walking together.

    James allegedly admitted to killing Rice but said he couldn't remember everything that happened.

    "Right now he's charged with first degree murder and that'll be the charge we're pursuing," prosecutor Tom Tatum told 5NEWS. "The range on that is 10 to 40 years or life in prison."

    James told investigators that he drove to his house after the shooting and told his son what he had done. He then said he sat on the porch swing and waited for police to arrive.

    Police recovered five shell casings from the shooting scene.

    The defense has requested a mental evaluation of their client. The preliminary hearing will not happen until the suspect has undergone the test. A trial date has been set for December. But prosecutor Tom Tatum believes it will likely be next year before the trial takes place.

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    Dang it man...I've been there.

    The world continues to get crazier by the day.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    oh wow....

    I used to go to Subiaco and on weekends bike to Paris to load up on supplies at that same wal-mart

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    I don't buy his story about going to walmart to buy bread I bet they got surveillance showing when he pulled into the parking lot and probably parked where he could watch her car,I bet he tries the crime of passion defense but I hope he gets life he's a coward
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    The problem is, it isn't usually a stranger that does one in, beware the acquaintances.

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    Back in the 1990s, my wife & daughter were in a Walmart in central Virginia, when an irate boyfriend came into the store & killed his wife & daughter were a couple of isles away shopping when it happened.

    Wal-mart is the largest private employer in the US, they also have over 3000 stores, so incidents like these aren't that uncommon.
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    Maybe if they encourged CCW's this may not have happened

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    Well that is it, we are going to have to outlaw Walmart now. You guys are going to have to find another place to do the nacho run.

    I guess like the saying goes, any time, any place, you just never know.

    One other thing, stay away from people in astranged relationships, or have wacko ex's. Wasn't there another Walmart post about an ex that came in and stabbed his wife, but an older CCWer shot the guy?

    Some things just don't make sense.
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    Senseless! Crazy stuff.
    Semper Fi

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    This guy lost his cool and will now spend the rest of his life in prison...thinking about who his wife is dating...what an idiot.

    He should pay a steep excuse for what he did.

    Stay armed...especially at WW...stay safe!
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    Jealousy KILLS and ruins lives..should be a law against it! (like we need another law!)
    "Brains before Bullets"

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    ^^^ I think they have that law in Kalifornistan

    Survival tip for the victim: Don't date married women!
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    This could have happened anywhere, K-Mart, Target, ShopKo, etc. Just another example of why it's best to always be at condition yellow and armed with a plan whenever you're out and make sure you're only playing handsies with your spouse, especially if they own a gun!
    The first time you aren't armed and prepared may be the last time you wished you were.

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