PA: Accused killer had been OKd by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit

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Thread: PA: Accused killer had been OKd by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit

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    PA: Accused killer had been OKd by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit

    Accused killer had been OK’d by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit | News | | The Citizens' Voice

    Accused killer had been OK’d by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit

    Randal Rushing was handed a concealed-carry gun permit in Luzerne County about 17 months before he allegedly set out to brutally kill three young men inside a Scranton home.


    Published: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 4:10 AM EDT

    Randal Rushing was handed a concealed-carry gun permit in Luzerne County about 17 months before he allegedly set out to brutally kill three young men inside a Scranton home.

    The application was approved in less than 24 hours on Feb. 21, 2007, despite its illegible references and a mailing address used by clients of a Wilkes-Barre-based homeless shelter.

    Though officials in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties say the permit alone would not have prevented the triple homicide at 1604 S. Irving Ave. last month, it prompted a review of Rushing’s application and was brought to the forefront as an example of why new Luzerne County Sheriff Michael Savokinas has enacted a more thorough review of concealed weapon permit requests.

    “At best, we should have called the (references),” said Savokinas, who started his term in January. “This wasn’t going to stop him from killing someone, but this goes to show if we had better procedures in place, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the permit.”

    Rushing reportedly lived in Luzerne County before renting a basement at the Scranton home where he allegedly used a handgun to intimidate and threaten his victims before killing them with a carpentry hammer and knives. Police say the 25-year-old suspect also took four others hostage.

    Savokinas criticized the past practices of his predecessor Sheriff Barry Stankus’ administration, saying the sheriff’s office had been a “one-stop shop” for permits.

    According to Rushing’s application, he had written his address as 70 Davis Place in Wilkes-Barre and provided two references, whose names were illegible and listed their addresses, respectively, as 70 Davis Place and 332 Park Ave.

    “The 70 Davis Place is a VISION shelter. It’s a shelter for homeless people whether they need food or a place to sleep.

    “In my opinion, it should have drawn a red flag,” Savokinas said.

    The Davis Place address is reserved for homeless clients to receive mail for work or medical services, said Vince Kabacinski, executive director of Volunteers in Service in Our Neighborhood.

    Rushing initially checked the box indicating that the permit would be for employment purposes; however, he drew a circle around it and darkened the check box. Instead, he opted to select “self defense.”

    Stankus defended his administration’s decision, saying, “I followed all the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and utilized the (Pennsylvania Instant Check System) established by the Pennsylvania State Police.”

    Rushing had no criminal history and was approved by the Pennsylvania Instant Check System, an instant background check conducted by state police.

    While state police may review an applicant’s criminal history and determine whether they are eligible, the county sheriff has the final authority on whether to issue weapons permits, state police spokesman Jack Lewis said.

    “If they were disqualified for a criminal record, they wouldn’t be able to overrule that,” he said.

    “(The sheriff’s office) could disqualify them for reasons other than a criminal record.”

    Savokinas said the new application process could take 21 to 45 days.

    Reached for comment on Tuesday, Scranton police detectives said they were aware of Rushing’s gun permit, although Lackawanna County District Attorney Andrew Jarbola said has was not.

    Jarbola said the gun Rushing had at the house was stolen.

    “It wouldn’t have made a difference if he had a permit or not,” Jarbola said. “He wasn’t issued a permit to carry a stolen weapon.”, 570-821-2055
    Permits for CCW neither aid or hinder someone intent on doing harm. They can only aid a law abiding citizen in defending themselves should the need arise. Makes me wonder how many states might rethink their CCW reciprocity with PA after reading this.
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    Guess I miss the point of the story. He didn't use the gun to kill anyone so why is this the focus of the story. Looks like another anti-gun media hit job to me.
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    I guess they are saying he used the gun to take them hostage then killed them by other means,but it it's a non issue he had a stolen gun,he was at home and not out in public ,or killing people at random with his gun,he passed the background check as per state law.Like the sheriff said it wouldn't of mattered whether he had a permit or not
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    Let's see . . . . I guess if he didn't have the permit, he wouldn't have had a gun to use to kidnap the victims.

    After all, just because he committed murder, that's no reason to believe that he would violate the law about carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Right?

    ps. - You do recognize this as sarcasm. Right?
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    Any way you cut's just another log for the fire that the ant-gunners will use.
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    Anti-gunners shot themselves in the foot again.
    They really need NRA training
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    ummm....Did the guy commit any crimes before this one?

    Was he deeemed mentally unstable BEFORE he committed these crimes?

    Does someone who is homeless, who has not been convicted of any crimes, lose their 2A rights because they are homeless?
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    Agreed it is a non-issue.

    When people get in auto accidents and/or with purpose kill others by means of a motor vehicle nobody gets bent if the address on that license/permit is to a homeless shelter or if the form as filled out is hardly legible.
    Anybody in America can get their hands on a car and do with it what they wish, without regard to licenses and permits. Same goes for firearms. And the results of a acquisition and use thereafter are same too.
    No license or permit would have prevented him from doing what he wanted to do, and nor would denying him as much have changed his mindset.

    - Janq has been homeless and grew up fourth grade through HS living amongst shelters for individuals and families as well as in 'Section 8' housing projects
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