Girl, 16, in hospital after botched robbery shooting

This is a discussion on Girl, 16, in hospital after botched robbery shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by d2thomas But this does spawn a serious debate [maybe].... Would you be able to administer lethal force legally upon someone that is ...

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Thread: Girl, 16, in hospital after botched robbery shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2thomas
    But this does spawn a serious debate [maybe]....

    Would you be able to administer lethal force legally upon someone that is or appears to be a youngster? This reminds me of stories I've heard about Vietnam
    As an old far.... Oops, person from that era, you need the mindset that 12 or 22, you can be just as dead if they pull the trigger.

    Having said that I think the 12 year old might be MORE dangerous since they don't understand the ramifications of pulling the trigger.

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    I recall my ex telling me about a late afternoon robbery she and a bus load of people witnessed during a traffic jam in Puerto Rico en route home during rush hour. The incident happened over 15 years ago. Two young offenders pulled out guns and pointed them at the sole occupant, woman, who was also stuck in traffic.

    While my ex wasn't a big gun person, she recognized that the younger of the two had a blue steel revolver with at least a six inch barrel. That "child" was so small in stature that after he and his compatriot robbed the poor woman and took off to the nearest low-income housing project (a cesspool) he tucked the gun under his belt and the barrel stuck out from under the shorts he was wearing.

    I agree with rstickle and others that a young person pointing a gun is no less a threat than someone over the age of 21. That said, I think that the aforementioned junior knucklehead would catch incoming fire if he were to point his overly large revolver at anyone of us as it should be since our reaction would be a result of his initial hostile action.

    Now, that said, I hope none of us are thrust into this situation.
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    A think those kinds of teens don't care because they'll "just be sent to juvie," and I've heard too many laugh that off. They're used to getting a slap on the wrist and not suffering any real consequences to their actions.

    And then there's the ones who are proud to get shot and stabbed, because surviving and having the scars are great for pride and showing off and helps boost their "street cred."

    I think it was rapper 50 Cent who thinks he's bulletproof and brags because he survived being shot by a poorly-aimed, small caliber handgun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d2thomas
    DUDE what the crap? Why is everyone so defensive whenever I post anything?

    So if I wasn't in Vietnam, I can't even mention a story a heard to illustrate a point? I think you totally missed the point of my story too, RSSZ - with respect. The whole point of that reference was to show that in history, children are harder to administer lethal force to. That story I believe, is relevant and holds bearing in reference to the current topic at hand.

    Just so you know, I hold a BA in American History and I'm currently finishing up another one. Please do not insult my intelligence by telling me that if I wasn't there, I wouldn't understand.......
    Has a post been removed? I didn't see the post to which your are responding?

    Having said that, I do not believe that merely "being there" gives one an insight into anything beyond their experience and the experiences of those that were with them. In fact, it might be a hinderance to understangin. The person who gets input from a bunch of people who have been there, is in a better position to understand because they get a broader range of experience (except for "pucker factor").

    As far as hesitating when confronted by a child with a gun, we saw a perfect example of that with the Tacoma mall shooting in which a CCW person couldn't bring themselves to shoot a 20 year old who was in the process of shooting innocents.
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    Very Good Comment d2thomas

    Well, the gun has always been considered to be the Great Equalizer.

    A 16 year old female with a firearm pointed at your able to kill you equally as dead as a professional hired Hit~Man. Death is final no matter who caused it or what age they are.

    I do see your point though and being forced to pull the trigger on a young teen or a female is something that would give me "extra bad nightmares"...for a long while.

    Heck though...look at all the really young kids that are killing their own parents & brothers & sisters these days.
    It's so hard to believe that these kids can be so totally screwed up at such a young age.

    I'll just hope that a trip to the hospital to get "painful gunshot wound patched up"...straightened that girl out.

    And YES Betty you're 100% Correct.
    These kids want to get their Crime Time in before they become a Legal Adult.

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    Little rattlesnakes will get you just as quick, (if not quicker), as full grown ones. I can't imagine having the foresight or the need to inquire about the age of the perp. I can just imagine; "Excuse me dear, but before I present my weapon and blow you away, may I see some I.D. to insure that you're old enough to do this?"
    As to straightening her out, she's probably "made her bones" and will be the pride of the cell block. Used to see that attitude a lot when I was a P.O.

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    I don't care how old they are...if they have a gun I believe that all I will judge is the caliber, size and direction it is aimed before I shoot.
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