Good: Home invaders shot with own gun: Blue Mound, TX

Good: Home invaders shot with own gun: Blue Mound, TX

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Thread: Good: Home invaders shot with own gun: Blue Mound, TX

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    Good: Home invaders shot with own gun: Blue Mound, TX

    "You've never lived until you've almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know" - T.R.

    <----My LT was unhappy that I did not have my PASS-Tag at that fire. But I found the body so he said he would overlook it. :)

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    Here's the story text...

    Texas Woman Kills Home Intruder With His Own Gun

    BLUE MOUND, Texas — When two gunmen smashed through the glass front door of her suburban Fort Worth home, Kellie Hoehn didn't think twice.

    The 34-year-old mother of two grabbed a shotgun that had been pointed at her face early Wednesday, starting a struggle that ended with one intruder killed with his own weapon and another in the hospital.

    "I wasn't going to let them get to my babies," she said, recalling the moment when she pushed up the muzzle of the shotgun, pointing it away from her children's rooms.

    Although the intruders told her to keep quiet, she screamed for her husband. She told her 12-year-old son, who was awakened by the sound of the shattering glass front door, to get his 5-year-old sister and hide.

    "It was like a horror movie," her husband, 32-year-old Keith Hoehn, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I thought I was a dead man. We're fighting for our lives."

    With Kellie Hoehn clinging to the weapon's muzzle, her husband tackled the man who held the shotgun. She knocked the intruder in the head with a jar candle, giving her husband a chance to wrest the shotgun.

    By then the tussle had spilled out onto the front lawn. Keith Hoehn shot one of the men who had a pistol, police said. Wounded, that man ran away.

    Then the intruder who initially had the shotgun charged Keith Hoehn.

    Kellie Hoehn told The Dallas Morning News that she screamed at her husband, "Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him."

    Her husband fired the shotgun and the man fell to the ground. Then the shot man lunged a second time.

    "Well, I shot him again, and I guess that was it," Keith Hoehn said.

    Dakota Scott Benoit, 20, of Richland Hills, was pronounced dead at a hospital. John Garland Pierson, 25, of Haltom City, was in critical condition and in police custody at the hospital.

    "I am not happy that someone is dead," Kellie Hoehn said. "But I am glad that my family is alive."

    Police said Pierson was shot in the left arm and the bullet pierced his diaphragm and other organs but his condition was improving. He will face charges of burglary of habitation with intent to commit another felony, police said.

    Investigators say the couple were just defending their family and probably won't be charged.

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    Good for them, I'm glad their OK.
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    Read about this in the fort worth star telegram this afternoon. Story was a little different. the husband fired, so why the title of woman kills intruder? Goes to show how the media perceives things.
    The Problem: When stupid people do stupid things, smart people end up getting killed.

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    always nice when the gals with the white hats win

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    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I think they should have waited for the cops to get there, maybe tried to talk them into NOT POINTING THAT GUN AT MY CHILDS ROOM ??? NOT ! A bad guys career is getting more and more dangerous. Maybe someday after enough things like this happen, the BGs will think twice.
    Way to go mom and dad !
    The most and best is known to the man who quits his bed before sunrise... who spends his days on the mountains and forests...who bears the heat and cold and hunger and thirst, for the love of visit the utmost refuges of beast and bird .....Alfred Pease

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    Investigators say the couple were just defending their family and probably won't be charged.
    IMO whoever said that is a piece of crap a complete idiot waste of skin and valuable resources. How about saying something intelligent like job well done. The city would hope that all its citizens are as proactive as the Hoehns were. In appreciation for their quick thinking and excellent responses that rid our community of two dirt bags the city is giving Mr & Mrs Hoehn a gifts certificate to purchase handguns of their choice and a trip to Thunder Ranch. Of course crime victims assistance will provide any therapy or counseling the Hoehn family may need to deal with the trauma they endured.
    Anything other than imply that they may have done something wrong
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    it happened in Texas, they wont be charged w/anything.....stupid reporters

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