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Bad and Stupid: Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang (UK)

This is a discussion on Bad and Stupid: Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang (UK) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Tint Bob I have to tell you that in this wonderfull country called England, if you did aim your car at scum ...

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Thread: Bad and Stupid: Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang (UK)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tint Bob View Post
    I have to tell you that in this wonderfull country called England, if you did aim your car at scum with an AK, the police would arrest you, charge you with murder or attempted murder, put you in jail, and if you are lucky, your case might be heard in some 18 months time!!!!

    We don't have the luxury of being able to defend ourselves, the law is very "grey"

    Tint Bob

    Gun this...unite...substitute England with United States...

    Stay armed...Vote...stay safe!
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    Easy decision, A hoodie is standing in front of my vehicle with a weapon. I have to asume he is going to use it.If I stop I could get shot, same if I swevrve around him. I am going to accelerate and hit him as hard as I can.
    You forget, this is the UK we are talking about! I've read a ton of super obvious self-defense type situations where the defender still gets arrested for violating the BG's "rights". BG gets a slap, defender goes to jail.

    One case I remember, some punks were terrorizing a neighborhood and one owner caught them throwing rocks through his windows, etc. He and another bystander chased them down and held them for the cops. Next day the GG was arrested for unlawful restraint or something. Punk was back on the street with no charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Gun this...unite...substitute England with United States...

    Stay armed...Vote...stay safe!
    You can't say it enough: VOTE. Get informed, get registered. VOTE! And NOT just every four years when the media sees fit to bring it to your attention. You senators and congressmen from your home states are the ones who will say yay or nay the next time someone proposes some BS Brady-esque legislation.


    We are only as vulnerable as we are naive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    So the UK is banning videos of guns now, next no guns on TV, then in theaters.

    If we pretend that guns don't exist maybe they will go away
    This is just amazing. The same country that mandated that its soldiers use bayonets on unarmed colonial Americans 230 years ago, and which now allows full frontal nudity on public TV, would ban videos of guns (regardless of how used). Anything wrong with this picture???

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    Like someone else posted. More than likely it was an airsoft. Those damn things look more real than real guns. I saw some the other day at BIG 5(sporting goods store). The accessories that they come with i.e tac light, laser etc. will actually fit the real version. I dont see a purpose in airsoft. Firing solid balls of plastic at ridiculous velocities for ?????? Paintball guns are ok. I own one and it looks nothing like a real firearm. Paintball is an organized sport. Airsoft may be ok for Law enforcement simulation or training but they make paintball guns for that.Sorry for going off on a tangent.

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    Banning videos is a "real step forward." Forward to what? stopping crime and gangs? I doubt it.

    Those people in the UK seem to have a serious case of rectal cranieitus.

    I recently did some research on comparisons between the movement to expand self defense laws like the castle doctrine here in the US and the UK's move in the opposing direction. It was very interesting to study, since we have the same common law heritage that runs clear back to Rome. It seemed that the big difference is that the British idea is that killing is wrong under any circumstances except war, and all violence is nearly as bad.(sound familiar?) Therefore, the state power wishes to keep a monopoly on force of any type and is the only power that is allowed to use force under law.

    The citizenry has lost the common law legacy of self defense slowly over time, where here it has become more favored.

    I'm sure pulling gun videos from YouTube will get them back on track stright away though.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    did the video kill anyone?

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    "The folding butt version was the most popular with paramilitary groups like the IRA because it is most concealable."
    That's like sawing that a shotgun without a buttstock is concealable. Are they kidding? Going to walk everywhere in a trench coat? And at that point there's no point in taking off a buttstock.

    I won't comment on the rest of just how stupid the rest of this is.
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    Just reading the posts re the UK... Seems strange that we can contribute to this forum, only glad we can tell it like it is.
    The AK story reminded me when we had the London Tube Bombings in I think its was July 2005.
    I was travelling north to London (train) when something "did not feel right" I called a pal who is a Para Medic (he was on duty)
    He said Don't worry its a power outage!
    He called me back in 10 minutes and said GTF of the train!!!
    We got off at Gatwick (LGW to the flyers out there)
    I was shocked to see armed storm troopers (that's our kitted out cops)
    Nothing wrong with that I can hear you typing already
    But these guys were armed with auto 5.56 sub guns.
    Now nothing wrong with this gun in the right place, but in a crowded airport????
    I know how far this round will go, how many people did they want to take out????

    Had a discussion about this some 6 months later with someone in the know, and he said the weapon was semi (yeah right)
    And they needed the knock down power to take down a suicide bomber.
    I am still not convinced as I know how thin the walls in Gatwick are.

    Tint Bob

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