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    NC News Story

    9-Year-Old Dies After Being Shot At Church Event - Charlotte News Story - WSOC Charlotte

    STANLY CO., N.C. -- A 9-year-old boy was shot and killed when he was struck by a stray bullet at a church event.

    The Camp Meeting is held once a year at the AME Zion Church in Cottonville, which is in Stanly County. Organizers said it's typically a family event, but when more than 2,000 people showed up late Saturday, things got out of control.

    Onlookers said several fights broke out and one of those fights ended in gunfire just after midnight Sunday.

    "There was some more commotion, then I heard gunshots and I was just gone. We just ran," said Kristy Davis.

    Stanly County sheriff's deputies say the 9-year-old, who's name hasn't been released, was hiding behind a food vendor stand when he was shot.

    Authorities said the boy is from Wadesboro.

    Deputies said there have identified several persons of interest and suspects, but have not made any arrests. Investigators said the bullet came from a .38-caliber gun.

    Many people at the event said they would have liked to see more security or metal detectors. Organizers of the event said they'll make considerations for changes next year.

    If you have any information about the shooting, call the Stanly County Sheriff's Office at 704-982-0711.

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    Sad story, but more laws won't stop BG with nasty intentions. Perhaps live in prison can stop repeat offenders.
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    Very sad.

    His family must be devistated.
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    Senseless. Sad indeed......but at a church event? Fights broke out?
    Organizers of the event said they'll make considerations for changes next year.
    It always seems to be too late. After this tragedy, I personally think they should forget about next year's ordeal and try bingo or something. Most of the proceeds could go to the boy's family.

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    That was awfully 'Christian' of that loser to open fire after getting into/starting a fight at a family event like a camp meeting.

    Terriable, tragic, senseless.

    My question is what (or why) would metal detectors and security be needed at a camp meeting? Saving souls and hearing God's word ..........
    At an 'open' event like a camp meeting I'd want to be armed if this is the atmosphere of that particular event.
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    Prayers go out to hi family GOD BLESS

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    I've been telling people for years that there's NO SAFE PLACE in America anymore.

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    When I was a kid our "youth minister" had the good sense to take the "youth group" out bowling Friday night at Midnight. A fight between bikers spilled out of the bar area and bikers were running around ON THE LANES throwing bowling balls at each other and waving knives. Nobody was stabbed that I saw but lots of threats, beatings, and foul language. Some of us could have easily gotten hurt.

    Some "youth ministers" are little more than immature 20 yr olds who have less sense than their students. Parents need to stay on top of where the "church" is taking their kids because the activities and places may not always make good sense.

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    The key item of this story is not that there were BGs amongst the events midst but the following statement; "...When more than 2,000 people showed up late Saturday, things got out of control.".

    That tells all.

    Two thousand people.
    Even a person with no formal education can do the math on the odds with a number that large that a percentage of random persons to show will be criminally associated if not criminally minded.

    "Many people at the event said they would have liked to see more security or metal detectors. Organizers of the event said they'll make considerations for changes next year."

    Which means there was no security and the organizers as well as attendees assumed that all would be good seeing as it's a church event, and upon seeing as many people on site they didn't think about event safety and maybe asking people to leave, shutting things down, or in this case the childs parent thinking hey this is getting to be a bit much and is larger than _I_ expected maybe we should call it a fun day and pack up to go home for the sake of my childs if not my own well being.

    To understand the scale of what 2K people is below is a picture taken of the twon center at Springfield, VT during the release of The Simpsons movie. The pic shows just a section of the total two thousand attendees...

    "Around 2,000 people waited in the town square to see the yellow carpet, after their town won a contest to host the premiere."
    Source - CBBC Newsround | Pictures | In pictures: The Simpsons Movie world premiere

    Avoidance is prevention.

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    MORONS are just everywhere churchs, events, Walmart, gas station, etc.......most morons, idiots and stupid people in general won't be influenced by more laws. A good usually only work for a short time.
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    The first thing that came to mind for me was the question: Why was a 9 year old still there after Midnight.
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