Very Bad: Boy fatally shot trick-or-treating

This is a discussion on Very Bad: Boy fatally shot trick-or-treating within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; People like this are exactly the reason why i was carrying my PM45 while we had our little guy out. Although by the sound of ...

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Thread: Very Bad: Boy fatally shot trick-or-treating

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    People like this are exactly the reason why i was carrying my PM45 while we had our little guy out.
    Although by the sound of this story (shooting through a closed door) it wouldnt have helped in this aspect..
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    Yes, this type of scenario does our cause little good, and thankfully they are few are far between in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately the media will not let the herd know that.

    I am willing to bet that the use of a firearm by honest law abiding citizens is approaching equal to or greater than illegal use by felons. Again, the media will not let the herd know this. I cite a recent report by the FBI "Justifiable Homicides" as well as all the incidents that are ended without a shot being fired.

    I am going to get slammed for this...There was also obviously some poor judgment on the part of the parents as to the selection of the house to go trick-or-treating. 25 years ago it was stressed to only go to houses/neighborhoods you know, or "public" events (street malls, schools...) just because of the questionable candy and such being given out. Even then inspect the loot and maybe take to a hospital or dentist to have X-rayed. I am in no way blaming the parents for this tragedy, I repeat, NOT BLAMING THE PARENTS!! Just stating poor judgment.

    I hope the trigger happy felon gets his due in prison.

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    I believe I read that he had the porch light on. That has been the universal welcome sign for halloweeners ever since I was a kid (I'm 65 now.) I agree about bad judgement on the part of parents. I'm sure they just didn't consider the possibility of a nut behind the door. I'm sorry, but the fact is that unless you were raised with your neighbors or have known them personally for quite a while, their house needs to be approached with caution. Of course caution probably wouldn't have helped in this case. There are just too many crazies and druggies out there to keep you from trusting anybody you don't actually know. My grandchildren were escorted by their Dads and only allowed to approach houses of people that Dad knew personally. I don't think we are looking at parental neglect so much as parental naivete. We don't all live in neighborhoods (semi-rural for me, so I do live in a neighborhood), some of us have to live in jungles!
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    T.J. Darrisaw. T.J. Darrisaw a 12-year-old trick-or-treater was killed when Quentin Patrick, a convicted felon fearing a robbery fired nearly 30 rounds with an assault rifle from inside a house.
    Convicted felon with a firearm.

    Patrick has been charged with murder, three counts of assault and battery with intent to kill, and one count of assault with intent to kill.
    Am I missing something, why is he not being charged with any of the firearm laws that "we" passed? He's a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Where are those charges? He has $7500 in cash that his girlfriend tries to sneak out of the house. Where are the drug charges?

    Police said they also charged a 19-year-old in his home, Ericka Patrice Pee, with obstruction of justice when she was caught trying to run away after the shooting with $7,500 in cash. Patterson did not give an explanation for the money.
    Good, but aren't there a few more charges they can find? Accomplice maybe, she knew he had the gun and was not allowed to have the gun. Charge her as an accomplice to the murder.

    While we're at it, where did he get the gun? I really want to know. I hate when the libs talk about closing the "gun show loophole", but if that's where he got it, then let's close that "loophole". However, I am positive that the guy that gave him the gun, knew he wasn't allowed to have it. So that's one more scumbag we can get off the street. Find him, find out how he knows Patterson is a felon. If he does then let's charge him as an accomplice as well. Find out who else he's given guns to. Go get them.

    Start using all those stupid laws they put on the books, that you and I have to worry about but scumbags don't.

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    Things would be so much easier, if we could just let the family take care of him.
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    An ex-convict who thought he was being robbed gunned down a 12-year-old trick-or-treater, spraying nearly 30 rounds with an assault rifle from inside his home after hearing a knock on the door, police said Saturday.
    Felon with a firearm, he's already shown he has no respect for society or the law.

    He told police he had been robbed and shot in the past year.
    "He wasn't going to be robbed again, and he wasn't going to be shot again,"
    Maybe he needed to get into a safer line of work, drug dealing has never been known for being a long lasting career. It isn't a career that one retires from normally.

    "We want to let his family know that this is a total tragic accident,"
    Tragic, yes. Accident, no. He knew exactly what he was doing. Was he afraid of a robbery taking place, or a drug bust going down?

    "He was trying to protect his family."
    As for trying to protect his family, what a bunch of crap. If he wanted to protect his family he would have gone into a different line of work.
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