Stalker shot in Modesto, CA

Stalker shot in Modesto, CA

This is a discussion on Stalker shot in Modesto, CA within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Some bozo who'd been stalking a woman decided to break into her home with a machete and either she or her husband cancelled his ticket ...

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Thread: Stalker shot in Modesto, CA

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    Stalker shot in Modesto, CA

    Some bozo who'd been stalking a woman decided to break into her home with a machete and either she or her husband cancelled his ticket with some kind of firearm last night. The good guys win another one.

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    Here's a story on it:

    The Modesto Bee | Home intruder shot, killed

    and here is the text for those who don't wanna click the link:

    Man stalked, threatened ex-roommate, police say

    By Emilie Raguso

    last updated: November 03, 2008 0239 AM
    A man who had stalked and threatened a former roommate forced his way into her southwest Modesto home early Sunday and attacked her and her husband with a machete before one of the victims shot him dead, officials and neighbors said.

    Police said the couple had been granted a restraining order against the man, whom neighbors described as "psychotic" and "a stalker."

    "They were roommates two years ago," said one neighbor. "She moved him out, but he kept stalking her."

    The man who died Sunday was in his 50s, police said. They would not release his name because his family had not been notified. Police have not said how the intruder and the victims knew each other, but said the attack was "domestic violence-involved."

    Just before 2 a.m., neighbors said, the man broke a window near the front door and got into the home on the 1500 block of Victor Way. He attacked the couple in their bedroom with a machete, they said.

    Police said one victim shot the intruder; they would not say whether it was the husband or wife. Police would not confirm what weapon the intruder used or where the attack took place. No one else was home, they said.

    The intruder had caused problems for months, authorities and neighbors said. One neighbor said she saw the man peering down the street with binoculars, and that he'd been spotted on Halloween sneaking around a nearby alley. Another said the man had been living illegally in a vacant house across the street, stalking the woman from there.

    Police are investigating that possibility, said spokesman Sgt. Brian Findlen. Authorities won't decide whether the couple could face any charges until the investigation is complete.

    Police arrested the man in March when he reportedly threatened the woman and vandalized her vehicle.

    A judge issued a restraining order against the man in April, Findlen said, requiring the man to stay 100 yards from the couple and their home, jobs and vehicles. But the victim told police Oct. 13 that the man violated the order by approaching her at a grocery store.

    A neighbor identified the man as John L. Ward, and Stanislaus County court records connect a man by that name to one of the victims.

    Neighbors did not want to be named because of recent area violence. Two weeks ago, a man was shot and killed and a second man wounded while they sat in a car blocks away.

    Sunday morning's death was the third serious domestic violence-related shooting in five weeks, and the second of the weekend. In late September, a man killed himself and his wife in east Modesto. Saturday, an Oakdale man distraught over finances apparently shot his wife and adult son, who died, before killing himself. His wife was in critical condition Saturday; no update was available Sunday.

    But Sunday's attack was the first linked to stalking. Most stalkers who know their victims had a romantic relationship with them or otherwise lived together, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Stalking can take a serious toll on victims' lives, leading to anxiety attacks, depression and other physical and emotional problems.

    Stalking victims should document every phone call, sighting or other attempted communication, said Belinda Rolicheck, executive director of Haven Women's Center. The agency offers many resources for domestic violence and sexual assault victims in Stanislaus County. Beyond keeping a paper trail, she said, the best advice is not to respond.

    "They perceive any sort of contact in a positive way, so it's best just not to answer the calls," she said. "They don't take 'no' for an answer and they can be clearly very dangerous."

    Bee staff writer Emilie Raguso can be reached at or 578-2235.
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    Sounds like the couple knew it was only a matter of time and that the authorities could do nothing to truly protect them. Kudos for them taking responsibility for their own self-defense.


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    This is why everybody should be able to defend themselves,restraining orders aren't even good enough when ya run out of toilet paper
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    I'm glad the homeowners were able to defend themselves. Others might not have been so fortunate. Just another reminder of how serious stalking is.
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    I'll bet the stalker still votes tomorrow.

    Another example of where a restraining order didn't work. And "living illegally in a vacant house across the street, stalking the woman from there"? Lots of sightings in the neighborhood of strange activities, yet this guy was still living there?

    Kudos to the couple for being prepared for a worst-case situation.

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    Good post thanks for the info

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    Wow a 50+ year old stalker

    I wonder how many innocent women this nut case stalked through the years.

    His reign of terror is now over

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    Glad to see that, for once, the media referred to the "victim" the proper way.
    It really bothers me when they call the shot or killed BG, "victim"
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    Let's see:

    -restraining order filed and disregarded
    -stalker with multiple witnesses confirming behavior
    -BG breaks into home and surprises couple in bedroom WITH A MACHETE


    "authorities cannot say yet if charges will be filed"?????

    Is there ever a more clear-cut case of self defense?

    I for one am glad that nobody has to worry about this guy ever again.
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    Yep, the scumbag brought a machete to a gun fight and got his ticket punched.

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    I guess that this couple just issued the dirtbag their own 'lead' restraining order.
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