Not many details yet. Neighbors reported hearing two men arguing before the shooting.

Tower Grove is another 'burb of St. Louis.

Tower Grove man murdered day before his birthday | | St. Louis, MO

Tower Grove man murdered day before his birthday

KSDK -- A man was shot and killed on his way to work in Tower Grove South Friday morning, the day before his 46th birthday.

The shooting happened around 6:30 a.m. Police said the victim had just left his home on Parker Avenue when someone fired shots into his truck. The truck rolled toward the entrance of the Guarantee Electric Company across the street.

Investigators hope surveillance video from the business will help them solve the case.

Friends of the victim told NewsChannel 5 that his sister also lost her husband and father in the last two years, and another brother was murdered several years ago. The victim's family also has ties to the St. Louis Metro Police Department.

Police stayed in the neighborhood that afternoon, going door to door in an effort to find witnesses.