A tale of two morning shows

This is a discussion on A tale of two morning shows within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Spokane has two country radio stations. I generally swap between the two as commercials come up. I don't normally listen to the morning talk shows ...

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Thread: A tale of two morning shows

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    A tale of two morning shows

    Spokane has two country radio stations. I generally swap between the two as commercials come up. I don't normally listen to the morning talk shows because they generally discuss "celebrities" and other stuff I care naught about. Today, on my way to work I actually listened to the morning show guys. Here's what came up:

    1st station: One of the talk guys had apparently asked where to buy an M4 before I turned the radio on because he said he had gotten a lot of emails telling him where to go and how much he would pay. They got to talking about the gun buy rush since the election. One of the commentators, who apparently knows about guns, was explaining that the gun he wanted was not actually an "assault rifle" since it was not select fire or even burst, just semi auto like his shotgun. They talked about how gun parts were restricted because of how they looked. He said the second amendment was about protecting the populace from an abusive government.

    Needless to say I was duly impressed and happy about how he presented the position. After this bit they went to commercial, so I switched to the other station and they were discussing something else that led to guns about 15 seconds after I changed the radio.

    2nd station: One commentator talked about how his friend told him to come by so he could show off a new gun. When he arrived, this friend showed him an "AK something". He described it as one of those guns that will put "50 rounds in your head" and proceeded to call it an "assault rifle" and sounded insulted that his friend (or anyone else) had such a gun.

    I was thrilled about the first and not amazed at the second. It was interesting how the two stations played out in the timing.

    Anyway, just thought I would share.
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    Of the stations I listen to...the arguments over 2A, either pro or con, never seem to know their 'facts'...
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    The main country station here has a few that are far too religious that I don't even want them discussing guns... The views on the subjects discussed are way out of whack and downright scary sometimes. Not to mention filled with absolutely no facts.

    Heck, they have issues with Dirty Dicks Crabhouse... Just because of it's name.
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