Ugly: 1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting (AK)

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Thread: Ugly: 1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting (AK)

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    Ugly: 1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting (AK)

    As reported by KTUU News:

    1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting

    Associated Press - December 11, 2008 7:54 PM ET

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - The identity of a 14-year-old boy shot and killed in what Juneau police say was an accidental shooting has been released.

    Police on Thursday said the victim was Aidan Neary.

    A second young teenager was wounded in the incident Wednesday afternoon.

    Police say five teenage boys removed several guns from a locked cabinet in a Mendenhall Valley home and began playing with them.

    Lt. Kris Sell says a .44-Magnum revolver held by a 15-year-old discharged and the bullet fatally wounded Neary.

    The shot went through his torso and struck another 14-year-old boy.

    All five boys were Juneau-Douglas High School students.

    The 15-year-old was interviewed and released to his parents.

    The other names have not been released.

    Information from: KINY-AM, KINY Radio - Juneau, Alaska

    The story can be found at; | Alaska's news and information source | 1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting

    - Janq

    I'll bet a box of ammo that the "locked cabinet" had a key that was kept in an easily accessible location known to the whole family including the children. Or that the combination was known to everyone as well.
    It does no good to keep a locked cabinet if the key/combination isn't kept secure. And even with being told not to do something or having training prior be it Eddie Eagle or whatever. Peer pressure for children is mighty strong as are guns to them appealing.
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    That's not good, what a sad story. Inaccessible keys may have saved a lot of grief. Also training your kids about proper gun safety goes a long way.
    RIP Aidan, prayers for your family.
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    Sad indeed, but I am a firm believer that the kids have to be gun-proofed...if not, they can bypass locks and combo's...eventually.

    My two boys, now in their thirty's...admit that they never touched my weapons or even considered it. They were introduced to the weapons at a young age, taken shooting, and respected/feared me more than their desire to touch/play with any of my guns.

    Every armed family must deal with this issue...directly.

    Stay armed...keep the family educated...stay safe!
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    Yikes, my son is 16 - but he knows, he isn't to even tell his friends we have weapons. It isn't that we are ashamed, just good safety. No peer pressure to "just take a look, we won't hurt anything"

    Sad story - our hearts go out to Adrian's family.
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    Proper gun handling techniques would have made this impossible to have happened. It should be taught in school if not at home.
    Locked/combo/ key/safe, or out in the open loaded on a table!

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    Sad Story. I was very fortunate, I have done dumber things when I was younger. Scary to think how easily you can lose someone due to careless safety habits. Makes me paranoid at times.
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    Hmmm this is sad but I think all the talk of "hiding" the key and stuff is just silly. If I hid the key and my 15 year old really wanted to get in the cabinet he could. Or... what if he needed to get in the cabinet to get HIS shotgun to defend himself?

    They need to be taught basic safety, how to actually use the gun.

    My son knows how to use a shotgun. Hand guns are locked where he or his friends cannot get them. My son is home alone on occasion in the evening-early morning. He knows what to do. He also knows not to have anyone over at the house when were not home other than his girlfriend (shes a hunter).

    Also the fear of death is good for kids to have. Not from the gun but from Dad and Mom if they touch the guns for a reason not appropriate.

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