UGLY: Brinks Security guard shot, killed at Old Navy this morning.

This is a discussion on UGLY: Brinks Security guard shot, killed at Old Navy this morning. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My wife e-mailed this to me, asking "Geez, am I gonna have to start packing too?" The Friendly Center is our local, upscale shopping area ...

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Thread: UGLY: Brinks Security guard shot, killed at Old Navy this morning.

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    UGLY: Brinks Security guard shot, killed at Old Navy this morning.

    My wife e-mailed this to me, asking "Geez, am I gonna have to start packing too?"

    The Friendly Center is our local, upscale shopping area where all the sheeple think all the bad stuff happens at the mall....

    Brinks employee dies after shooting at Friendly Center
    Monday, December 15
    (updated 5:03 pm)
    By Lanita Withers
    Staff Writer

    GREENSBORO - An employee of Brinks Security died this afternoon after being shot during a robbery this morning outside the Old Navy store at Friendly Center, police said today.

    Crystal and Steven Carter of Reidsville were in the front part of the store doing Christmas shopping when they heard a gunshot.

    When the first shot rang out, everyone fell to the ground, she said. The store was silent.

    "Not a word," Crystal Carter said.

    Witnesses said two shots were fired.

    Soon afterward, they saw a man running toward the back of the store.

    The couple then saw another man lying on the ground in the front of the store.

    Crystal Carter gripped the security guard's hand during the wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

    "All they got was Old Navy's money," Carter said. "It's horrible. I've never seen anything like this in my life."

    Police described the suspect as a black man with a dark complexion, 5 feet 10 to 6 feet tall and wearing a shoulder-length, dark red wig.

    He had on teal pants and a white shirt, similar to those worn by hospital employees, with a print design on the shirt and a long-sleeve white T-shirt underneath. He wore white tennis shoes. The suspect left the area in a black vehicle that possibly had a spoiler on the trunk.

    At a news conference near the scene of the shooting, police Chief Tim Bellamy said police got a call about the robbery at 10 a.m.

    The robbery appeared to be pre-arranged because customers saw the suspect inside Old Navy beforehand, knowing the Brinks truck was arriving at some point, Bellamy said.

    The Brinks employee had picked up money in the store when the suspect approached him. Several bags that the victim was carrying were later reported missing.

    The suspect took off on foot after the shooting, then got into a vehicle near a Wachovia bank, Bellamy said.

    The suspect remained at large as of Monday afternoon.

    The victim, who was not identified, was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

    Police will review surveillance tapes from stores at the shopping center, Bellamy said.

    "A lot of these businesses have video surveillance cameras and most have reported to us that they do have videos that were working today," Bellamy said.

    No store employees or customers were injured. A second Brinks employee with the victim also was not injured.

    Stephanie Newton and Cody Harker had gone to Old Navy to exchange a present for Newton's daughter.

    About 10 or 12 people were in the store as it opened. Shortly after 10 a.m., mom and son were in the girl's section when they heard a gunshot inside the store.

    "The first pop, everybody turned around," recalled Newton, 42, who lives in Stokesdale. "It was weird."

    When the suspect fired a second shot, Newton, Harker and another woman nearby ducked behind a rack of clothes. Newton spoke in a whisper when she called 911 from her cell phone.

    "We weren't sure what had happened," Newton said. "It was horrible."

    When a woman screamed, they stood up. There was commotion at the front of the store Someone demanded blankets to staunch the guard's bleeding. Harker, 18 and a student at Duke University in Durham, found some and rushed to help.

    Outside, Katie Nugent, 62, was arriving to meet her daughter and grandson. As she got to the front door, she saw the security guard lying outside with blood nearby.

    "I backed up and thought, 'Oh, my gosh,'" Nugent said.

    Old Navy employee David Hawks heard both the shots as he was getting ready to clock out. "I was in the fitting room," Hawks said. "My shift was over."

    Carrie Gatling, an employee at Old Navy, had arrived at the store about 10:20 a.m., 25 minutes before her shift began.

    She saw police and fire and rescue vehicles in the parking lot.

    "My manager told me to go home," Gatling said. "I'm really shocked."

    Police had blocked off the parking lot in front of Rite Aid near Old Navy down to the Barnes & Noble.

    Friendly Center, located at 600 Green Valley Road, did not close after the shooting.

    Staff Writer John Newsom contributed to this story

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    As we say, "Anywhere, Anytime". That is for the sheep who never believe it when crime goes down right in front of them. As for us, we KNOW armored trucks are targets for criminals. Too bad none of us were there to see it start to go down. Many say their gun is only for them or their family. If I saw some scuzbag draw a gun where it is clear he was about to rob an armored truck, I believe I would cap him in the back of his head, then look for any others. Summarized: Evil succeeds only when the good do nothing.
    Anti-gunners seem to believe that if we just pass enough laws, we can have utopia. Unfortunately, utopia is NOT one of our choices.

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    Freedom Doc:

    +1 - absolutely!!
    Trying to leave as large a carbon footprint as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tflhndn View Post
    My wife e-mailed this to me, asking "Geez, am I gonna have to start packing too?"

    I hope you gave her the correct answer

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    +1 Jim, my mom asked about carrying for the first time tonight--definitely gave her the right response: "I'd love to take you to the range so you can decide for yourself, it'd be my pleasure".

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    This seems to be happening more frequently in the last few years. I'm not sure they should just send 1 guy in alone. Clearly they are targets so two sets of eyes would be better than one. It's not like the guys in the truck are going to do anything (they may not even be allowed to by company policy.) It might be time to review their SOPs.
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    As the employment situation gets worse and of course the holiday seasons,we will see more of this
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    My dad was a Brink's messenger for many years was a good job to have years ago but now they don't pay squat and the danger is to high.
    Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do

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    Bad Scenario, not sure what could be done. I am sure he had a gun and others with him. Somtimes people make no sense. My prayers go out to his family.
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    This is a sad, tragic event. while I don't know everything that happens I just have to ask why this guy didn't get a round off? The past couple Brinks guys robbed acted liked sitting ducks. Is there a strick company policy about drawing your weapon or something?

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    The indoor range I go is used for qualification for an armored car company. I have seen the quals, seen them shoot, listened to the instructor tell them to load all their "clips". I was not impressed. I don' think they get much other training.

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    I would also believe that complacency sets in after doing the same thing, time after time, day after day, with no sign of trouble, and afterall it was a 'safe' place.

    There are no 'safe' places. Only safe moments.
    The problem is; You never know which moments are safe until they are past.

    Just because the guards carry a gun, does not mean they train to use it, are proficient with it, or have made the decision that if need be they will meet force with force.

    Most likely, lack of S/A was the more important factor here, the guard may not have been given much of a chance to react. It seems more and more the BG's shoot first without 'provocation'.

    And the sheeple think we're paranoid!
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    The purpose of fighting is to win.
    There is no possible victory in defense.
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    The armored car guards that I've seen recently typically have had their hands full with bags, and wouldn't have been in a good position to draw if confronted anyway. Having a second person with his/her hands free to spot and defend if necessary would be smart. Or at least always keeping your gun hand free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaShepardRU View Post
    There are no 'safe' places. Only safe moments.
    The problem is; You never know which moments are safe until they are past.
    I like that motto. Good one.

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    I had to work an unusual morning shift and our armored car service arrived. I felt much safer knowing I had my .40 cal under my jacket.

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