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I had to draw my gun in Orlando last week.

This is a discussion on I had to draw my gun in Orlando last week. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by soflasmg 3) The moral of the story to me is you are not paranoid if you either find a better parking spot, ...

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Thread: I had to draw my gun in Orlando last week.

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    Find a different place for dinner!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by soflasmg
    3) The moral of the story to me is you are not paranoid if you either find a better parking spot, go somewhere else, or go home.
    The above quote (of yours) really sums it all up to me. Thank you for telling the story.

    I'm glad the bad guy cleared out.

    "An armed Society is a polite society"

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    just wanted to say thanks for a interesting and thought provoking thread - glad everything worked out well, and thanks again for reminding me as to why i carry, although some people around me frown upon it.


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    Glad everything worked out fine! I would hate to think what would have happened if you were just a normal "sheep" without a CCW.

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    we have restraunts in sf like the one you describ when i have to go over there i.e. family tados we park in a well lighted lot ect... and take a cab to the placde in ? its a little more money but what the heck its worth it in the long run glad you and you loved ones are safe n sound btw ? did you call the leos and make a statement ? sorry been gone for a week if i missed it

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    now that iv read the thread and all the post i dont see as how you had a choice to retreat retreat is dictated buy the slowest member of a squad or unit ect...so with your young son is with you and your wife is armed to then she cant tye up her hands and cover the bg at the same time her geting him to the far side away from the bg was a good move on her part and you standing your ground was also great let him know to get to my loved ones you have to go through me wich i belive to be a good message and yopu are right you have every right in the world to go to your car if you wish glad it turned out for you

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    I would like to add my kudo's to soflasmg and his wife for a job well done. Good mental preparation and response based upon training and and being totally aware of their surroundings really paid off for them.

    Many years ago, I taught new police recruits a lot of this same type of training. As a result of life's experiences in 'Nam and in police work, I have always considered myself to be very aware and prepared for just about anything. My 21 year old son commented not long back when we were in a restaurant that one thing he has always noticed about me is that my eyes never stop moving and he can tell I am thinking all the time as I study people.

    I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but I've said all the above as a lead in to this: the situation described by soflasmg is almost identical to what happened to my wife and myself yesterday..... but because of a stupid lapse in thinking, I was not prepared.

    We drove to Lubbock yesterday to keep an appointment for another catscan on my heart. Needed to get clearance from the heart doctor before I can have some badly needed leg surgery. I knew that I could not carry in the imaging center or the hospital where the doctor's office is as there are 30.06 signs clearly posted, so when we arrived there, I put my gun and holster in the center console of the car.

    When we finished the medical appointments, we decided to eat at a restaurant just one block from the hospital.

    After a nice meal, we walked outside to the parking lot. It was mid afternoon and our car was the only vehicle in the lot, parked in the first handicapped space in front of the building. As we left the restaurant, we both noticed a black male about 40 years of age coming around the corner of the building in our direction, probably about 15 yards away. He was walking fast, talking to himself in a loud voice while waving his left hand and arm. His right hand was not visible because of a sweatshirt he was carrying over his forearm. His overall dirty and ragged appearance immediately triggered all my internal alarms.

    I walk with the aid of a cane and am not too fast because of my bad leg, so my wife was slightly ahead of me as she started to go around to her side of the car. I stopped for a second to switch the cane to my left hand in order to bring my right hand up to have it in close proximity of my holster as the man continued right towards me. The lapse in thinking that I referred to above was that I had not put my weapon on in that one block drive between the hospital and restaurant. It only took me a second to realize that I did not have my gun on me, remembering that it was still in the center console of the car. By that time the man was only a few steps from me, so I put the metal cane back in my right hand, thinking it would at least be something I could use for defense if I had to.

    I was no more than 10 feet from the building and only a few feet from the drivers side of my car. Just as the man reached me, I stepped back so I kept my back to the building and keeping him between the car and myself. He was still talking to himself while staring at me, eyeball to eyeball contact. He passed me by and as he got to the front of my car, he noticed there was a large drainage ditch there filled with water. He stopped, then turned back towards me. He seemed to notice the cane and the way I was holding it, he then turned to walk in front of the car and off through the parking lot. By that time, my wife was already back around the rear of the car and at my side.

    The post by soflasmg at the start of this thread really brought home yesterday's incident to me. Was the man a danger to us, or just off his rocker a little ? I sure don't know..... but what I do know without a shadow of doubt is that I was not in a position to do much about it if he did have bad intentions. A lapse in thinking on my part could have been devastating.

    Thanks for sharing your incident report with the rest of us, soflasmg. Discussions like these should always serve as a reminder to each of us about how vigilant we need to be. My wife has read this thread also, and just told me that she thinks it is time for her to take the CHL course. Our 21 year old son already has his CHL, and I have been suggesting to her for years that she take the course and get her CHL also. She has always shrugged it off by saying that she would normally always be with me and if I had my gun on, why should she need one ? In one of your replies, you stated that your wife also had a CHL and she had already drawn her weapon also. That is what convinced my wife..... so something very positive has happened as a result of you taking the time to post about your experience !

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    Only a SHEEP would call it paranoia, we all know that you and your wife demonstrated excellent situational awareness. And it's obvious by the actions taken by your wife and kid that you've trained everbody up on how to react and take cover. Good Job!
    "I'd rather have my gun and not need it, than need it and not have it"

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    Glad everything turned out ok. And the bg knew you meant business And decided to get outta there. I had a situation a few days ago and didnt have to draw but Im glad I had my gun with me just in case. Stay safe.


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