They say there isn't a reason to carry in this town. For whatever reason, why would you rob a place that has dollar merchandise? Too bad they got away... but good that noone was hurt.....

Lebanon Daily Record - Lebanon, Missouri

Suspect sought in downtown armed robbery
LDR Staff
Dec 22, 2008
A man who attempted to rob a Dollar General clerk at gunpoint was being sought today by Lebanon police, who arrested and released one suspect immediately after the robbery attempt Sunday.

Police also are seeking information about the robber’s companion.

According to the report, at 8:50 p.m. Sunday, officers were dispatched to a robbery in progress at Dollar General store, 112 W. Commercial St. As officers approached the store, the dispatcher said a suspect, who was wearing a dark hoodie, had left the store, heading toward Madison Avenue.

An officer reportedly saw a man in a dark hoodie walking toward Jefferson Avenue. The man was handcuffed and taken back to the store to be identified.

When the officer sought a clerk, he found two women employees in the store office, which they had locked, the report said.

A clerk told officers the man they had in custody was not the robbery suspect. Officers released the man.

The clerk said while she was in the front of the store putting merchandise on shelves, a man entered the store, went straight to her, pointed a gun — possibly a BB gun — and said he wanted “all of the money.”

After she said the money was locked up, the man reportedly grabbed her shirt and pushed her to the back of the store. She then called to the other clerk, saying “someone is here to see you.”

When the clerk asked who, the potential robber reported answered, “Chris.”

The second clerk told officers that her co-worker’s voice indicated to her that something was wrong, so she called 911.

The gunman reportedly heard the clerk on the phone and ran. The clerks eventually locked themselves in the office.

The clerk who was accosted said she saw the robber go to the corner of Madison Avenue and Commercial Street and meet up with another man in a dark hoodie. The pair then turned south on Madison and went around the building, out of sight on foot, the report said.

A officer later reported that while he was looking for a possible careless and imprudent driver, he had seen a hooded figure walking east on the south side of Commercial near Dollar General. Another hooded person exited Dollar General and met up with that individual, the report said. The time of the sighting by that officer was not noted on the report.

That officer reportedly last saw the pair turn south on Jefferson Avenue. Around that time, he was called to a robbery in progress at Dollar General, the report said.

No money was reported stolen.