BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH

BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH

This is a discussion on BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; 3 quizzed in Ohio slaying; boy found at rest stop - Yahoo! News DAYTON, Ohio – The FBI questioned three men in the fatal shooting ...

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Thread: BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH

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    BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH

    3 quizzed in Ohio slaying; boy found at rest stop - Yahoo! News

    DAYTON, Ohio – The FBI questioned three men in the fatal shooting of an Ohio woman whose 4-year-old son was left unharmed by the gunman at a highway rest area.

    FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas said the men were taken from a house near Ohio State University in Columbus on Sunday evening. No charges were filed.

    Trombitas did not know Monday morning if the men were still being held or what they might have told authorities. He added that the FBI's role had been to provide support for the Montgomery County sheriff's office, which planned a news conference for later in the morning.

    A car police believe was the getaway vehicle was found Sunday in a parking lot in Columbus, some 75 miles from Dayton where the woman was slain.

    Jennifer Nelson, 29, was found dead at her Dayton home on Friday after a couple discovered her son, William, at an Interstate 70 rest stop in central Ohio.

    The travelers who found the boy, Mike and Judith McConnell, said Sunday on NBC's "Today" that they took William into their warm vehicle and contacted authorities.

    They said he told them a strange man had entered the home without knocking and shot his mother. His account, including his home address and parents' names, led to the discovery of Nelson's body.

    "I began asking him questions, and he told me that a stranger had come into his house without knocking," Mike McConnell said from Baltimore. "And I said 'Well, where was your mommy?' And he said 'He shot my mommy.'"

    Nelson's husband, Eddie Nelson, was at work at the time she was slain.

    On NBC's "Today" on Monday, Eddie Nelson said his son was "still terrified. I don't know that he fully understands what's going on. He's just in total shock right now."

    Explaining how the little boy was able to give specific information to authorities, Nelson said: "He's a very sharp kid. He's like a sponge, he just soaks everything up. My wife, especially, insisted that we work on him learning his address, learning the phone numbers, just important things ... a lot of things people would take for granted, and it saved him."

    Vickie Nelson, the boy's grandmother, said earlier that her son Eddie's car had been stolen in Columbus about a week and a half before Christmas.

    She said she believed the person who stole the car obtained personal information about where the Nelsons live.
    Good on the McConnell's for spotting the boy and taking him in, and good on the parents for teaching the young boy vital information necessary to his safety.

    Hopefully the scumbags involved are caught in very short order, and spend a very short time on death row.
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    I just read this and am wondering why the Nelsons were selected and if the stolen car lead to the Home Invasion
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    confused as to motive...but once again I have to proclaim: People suck.
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    Sad and traumatic that a 4 year old would see his mother killed like that.
    Kudos to the parents for teaching the kid important info like address and phone number.
    Hope the people behind this are caught and punished soon. As hard as it is to say something good about the people who did this, at least they had enough heart so not to gun down a 4 year old child as well.

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    An arrest has been made in the case:

    Sheriff: Man arrested in Ohio mother's slaying - Yahoo! News

    DAYTON, Ohio – Authorities in Ohio have arrested a man in the shooting death of a woman whose 4-year son was abducted by the gunman and left unharmed at a highway rest area.

    Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer says that 22-year-old Charlie W. Myers of Columbus was taken into custody.

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    yeah. This has been all over the news here for the last few days.
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    Sad story. People sure are mean
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    I can't find the reference now, but one article said that the husband's car had been stolen a few days before the murder. The police suspect that the killer used the info in the car to find the family and continue his crime spree. Police found the stolen car abandoned in Columbus. The AP article has been changed for some reason.

    Another reason not to leave identifying documents in your car.
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    I guess if he just walked in without knocking then maybe they were one of millions of homeowners that never lock their doors until night time.I lock my doors 24/7 even when I go out to mow the yard
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    A criminal needs somebody's personal information in order to do a burglary/murder/kidnapping? Where I live, there are houses everywhere. Something stinks here, I hope they are going up the father's tail with a microscope.
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