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Funny you should mention that. BW has gotten a Maritime Interdiction/Anti-Piracy contract, and is looking for former Naval Special Warfare and Coast Guard maritime security specialists. Base pay will be $500 a day and up depending in special skills (medics, designated marksmen, leaders), with a tentative work schedule of 60 on/30 off. They have their own ship and rotary wing aircraft that will be used; I don't think any will be posted on the merchant ships themselves. A few guys that work for us over here are putting in to change over, including (possibly) my Shift Leader.
The problem with being on a boat of their own is they can't be everywhere at once. Doesn't the French Navy already have a patrol boat? I figure two guys per ship, they don't have to go all the way to port, they can head north until in safe waters and transfer to a southbound ship. The point is "Shoot back". Remember when airline hijackings were common? Finally, the government started killing the hijackers and surprise, the hijackings stopped.