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ATF: Spokane man arrested for military weapons cache

This is a discussion on ATF: Spokane man arrested for military weapons cache within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by paul34 Quite the collection. It's very bad that he decided to store all this in a populated area, however. That's where some ...

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Thread: ATF: Spokane man arrested for military weapons cache

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    Quite the collection. It's very bad that he decided to store all this in a populated area, however.
    That's where some of it would be of use. Easily accessible in time of emergency. Had it all been cached 50mi away in the woods, he could spend hours getting through the muck and mire to the cache, if SHTF. At least for a few items, I'd think having it nearby would be useful. Of course, you've got to pay the storage fee. Amazing that he didn't, if true.

    According to a complaint filed earlier this month, Struve "planned to use the items at some uncertain date in the future."
    Well ... yeah. Of course he did. But then, that could be said of anyone harvesting navel oranges, or sewing hems on slacks. Preparing items for future use is what we do. ATF is stating this as if it's a criminal act to have done ... the keeping for future use part, I mean.

    We'll probably hear more as the investigation finds more.

    As for whether he's fringe with a few marbles lost, consider that ~50 guns isn't too much different than many folks. In 1985, someone with 50 guns and numerous full-autos wouldn't have been deemed short of a sixpack, yet today he is. Granted, the true military-grade items (grenades, launchers, C4) seem a bit over the top.

    The mere fact he was stocking up is little different than many here, even with full-autos as part of the collection. No facts yet, but it's entirely possible that he acquired much or all of it surreptitiously. That's verboten, sure, 'cause the gubmint has a law. And with the C4 and launchers, it begs the question about the goal of his preparations. But, other than the likely surreptitious acquisitions, with no violent actions yet, what's the infraction?
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    It is ironic that essentially all his stuff is in fact legal to own here in Washington State if you go through the correct hoops: (note I don't know a lot about NFA firearms so this are ballpark guesses)

    37 machine guns- legal to own assuming you have a Tax Stamp or are a properly licensed dealer/manufacturer. No new licenses have been issued to civilians since 1986.

    12 silencers- legal to own, many people here do, but you have to drive to Idaho to use them. (you can own them, but you cannot use them!)

    two grenade launchers- legal, get your tax stamp

    more than 60 high-explosive grenades- I believe they are classified by the ATF as a destructive device. I doubt ATF gives Tax Stamps for them.

    military-grade C-4- legal if you are a licensed by the State of WA for demolition.

    and thousands of rounds of ammunition- legal. I think i might have him beat.

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    I'm pretty sure the machine guns are not legal to be owned or he wouldn't have them in a storage shed,besides they can tell real quick by running serial numbers if they are pre 1986 and legal to own or not,the c-4 I'm sure has strict policies on storage and even if for demolition cannot be stored in a residential area,Military grenade launchers are 40mm civilian ones I've seen are 37mm,I believe it's to prevent firing military HE and White phosphorous rounds out of even if you can legally own them which I'm not sure,
    To tell the truth it sounds like this guy had a connection in the army,probably years ago and they accumulated this stuff over time planning for armageddon,30,000 rounds of ammo isn't a lot for that many machineguns your talking about running out real quick.This type of stuff definitely paints every legal gun owner in a bad light,If it is illegal he deserves everything they give him.

    I bet the guy that bought the contents of that storage shed thought he hit the lottery for a second
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    Woods said the investigation is continuing and that a grand-jury indictment is possible.
    Maybe this would be a good case for jury nullification...

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    Just think all this stuff was legal prior to 1934.
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    If the Socialist get their way then a good potion of us will be in the same boat as this guy.
    Just think, with a stroke of a pen you could become a felon.

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    I wanna party with that guy.

    Not really (in case BATF is monitoring this under the Patriot Act) I would never associate with anyone with firepower like that
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    This guy wasn't prepared for the infamous SHTF... he was ready for Armageddon!
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    Other than sensationalism, what does it matter that he had "anti-government" propaganda? To be clear, I'm in the military and do not advocate revolution of any type. Well, not yet, anyway. I like my life here in America and if I decided to get some revolution going up in this piece, I'm not sure who I would run out in the street and attack. Still, I think the line is just trying to paint him as some militia-nut job.

    What constitutes "anti-government" propaganda and, more importantly, WHO gets to define it?

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    I saw an awful lot of "Appeared to be" in that article. Nothing confirming it as real.

    I am going to laugh if they all turn out to be movie props.

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