This may not belong in the "In The News" forum, but I'm not sure how to classify it or where to post it due to the details that are slowly emerging.

Original report was a woman had been shot by an unknown male at the Pfizer company campus. Multiple SWAT and LEO responded and shut down the business campus while they swarmed looking for the shooter. Some nearby schools also went on lockdown. My wife and daughter were on their way to a function near there, and they were diverted due to some road closures.

Police could not find the male shooter, and also could not identify him on the company's security tapes in the investigation that followed.

Now the female "victim" has been charged with filing a false police report because police say she shot herself in the foot.

Could be an AD/ND from someone carrying concealed, who then tried to cover it up. Could be some psychological issue. Don't know. I just know it was a big issue around here for several days, and now the alleged "victim" is in a heap of trouble.

No mention has been made yet as to whether she has (had) a CCW permit, nor whether the campus was posted or not. Also no mention of type of gun.

01/21/2009 - St. Charles woman charged with filing false police report in Pfizer campus shooting -
St. Charles woman charged with filing false police report in Pfizer campus shooting

By Patrick M. O'Connell

CHESTERFIELD -- The woman who claimed she was shot by an armed man Jan. 8 at the Pfizer campus made up the story and appears to have shot herself, police said Wednesday.

Lori Jefferis, 45, of the 900 block of Park Court in St. Charles was charged this morning in Chesterfield municipal court with filing a false police report. Jefferis was employed by Johnson Controls and had been assigned to work at the Pfizer building during construction, police said.

Jefferis was shot in the foot. She told investigators an armed man attacked and shot her during a struggle before he left the area. Police swarmed the scene, evacuated buildings at the campus and locked down the facilities as they hunted for a gunman.

Police said evidence gathered at the scene, interviews with other workers and a review of the business complex's surveillance cameras led them to believe there was not another person who could have shot Jefferis.

Police have recovered the gun used in the shooting in the 700 Chesterfield Parkway West.