LEO didn't use excessive force

LEO didn't use excessive force

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Thread: LEO didn't use excessive force

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    Thumbs up LEO didn't use excessive force

    Jury clears cop who shot naked student - Chicago Breaking News

    Jury clears cop who shot naked student
    February 13, 2009 2:05 PM | 30 Comments
    A federal jury today cleared a former Glen Ellyn police officer of wrongdoing, finding he didn't use excessive force when he fatally shot a naked College of DuPage student after responding to a domestic battery call in 2006.

    Jurors deliberated for less than an hour.

    The father of Benjamin Uwumargogie had sued the Village of Glen Ellyn and Officer Jason Bradley following his son's death in a Glen Ellyn apartment.

    Bradley testified that he fired the fatal shot after Uwumargogie straddled him and repeatedly punched him in the face. Bradley, now a state trooper, said he feared he was about to lose consciousness.

    As he was being taken by ambulance from the scene, Bradley told the Glen Ellyn deputy police chief: "I had to do it -- I had no choice," according to testimony at the weeklong trial at the Dirksen federal building.

    Lawyers for Uwumarogie, 22, said the officer misread the situation and had other means at his disposal to bring the father of two under control.

    --Steve Schmadeke
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    A naked guy jumps me and straddles me, I'm shooting, no matter what else he is up to.
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    Oh I only see the comments on this thread going in a bad direction...
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    The moral of the story is...

    dont try to beat a cop into unconsiousness or you may get shot...
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    So....a guy is straddling a cop and repeatedly punches him in the face....and they're wondering why he got shot?

    Either we don't have the full story, or that was an extremely dumb lawsuit.
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    Don't want to get shot? Then don't attack a police officer and beat him to within an inch of consciousness.

    Wasn't there and am simply relying on this basic article's points, but if as advertised then the young man didn't have much justification for his actions. Neither did his lawyer-wielding father.
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    Sounds like the jury made to right decision, office did what he had to do. As to the fathers law suit, well there are ambulance chasing lawyers who smell a buck in a families grief. I doubt very much the lawyer took the case pro bono or for fees contingent on winning the case. So he's going to get paid. Maybe not as much as he had hoped, but there are always more ambulances to chase.

    This is not a slam on all lawyers out there. Just the ones who fit the description above, they are out there. Just like there are some crooked LEO's and quack doctors.

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