BAD -- LEO shooting

BAD -- LEO shooting

This is a discussion on BAD -- LEO shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Prayers for Officer Broady. For that matter prayers of the safety of all the thin blue line. Police: Jeffersonville officers shot without warning | ...

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Thread: BAD -- LEO shooting

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    BAD -- LEO shooting

    Prayers for Officer Broady.

    For that matter prayers of the safety of all the thin blue line.

    Police: Jeffersonville officers shot without warning | | The Indianapolis Star

    Police: Jeffersonville officers shot without warning
    By Harold J. Adams
    Posted: February 25, 2009

    The gunman who shot Jeffersonville, Ind., police Cpl. Daniel Lawhorn and Patrolman Keith Broady opened fire without warning from his second-floor room at a Motel 6, police said yesterday.

    When the officers knocked on the door of Room 204 about 7 p.m. Thursday to check out a report of illegal drugs, Robert Dattilo "came out with a gun in his hand and immediately fired," Detective Todd Hollis said.

    "He opened the door with one hand and fired with the other," Hollis said at a news conference where police released radio communications from that night. "We found a pair of binoculars at the window. We have reason to believe Dattilo was watching" as the officers arrived.

    Both officers are at University Hospital in Louisville. The condition of Lawhorn, 39, who was shot three times in the right leg , was upgraded yesterday to fair. Broady, 32, who was shot once in the chest above his bullet-resistant vest, remained in serious but stable condition.

    Dattilo fatally shot himself Friday night after a day-long standoff at a house in Louisville.

    Broady, who had been standing to the left side of the motel room door, was hit first. Lawhorn, who had been standing to the right, was shot as the officers sought cover in opposite directions. They remained on the second floor but not where they could see each other.

    Hollis said it was probably the second or third shot of the three that hit Lawhorn that dropped him about 30 feet from the shooter's room.

    "His femur was shattered," Hollis said. "He could no longer support his own weight."

    Broady went past a staircase and fired two shots at the gunman, who had come out of the room in the same direction as Broady but went down the stairs, Hollis said.

    First call
    The drama that unfolded from there was captured on the radio communications between the officers and dispatchers. At 7:01 p.m. Broady yelled something into his radio that the dispatcher couldn't understand.

    "Unit with traffic?" dispatcher Loretta Lancaster said.

    There were a few more words from Broady that couldn't be understood before he clearly said, "Shots {$326} fired!"

    Then Lawhorn opened his microphone. "Radio shots fired radio."

    Seconds later Broady said, "Radio, Code 3 (come with lights and sirens), can't breathe."

    Officers react
    Lancaster said an ambulance was on the way as other officers began to react to what they were hearing.

    Cpl. Greg Sumler, addressing Broady by his badge number, asked, "78, can you copy (hear) me?"

    "Yeah, just barely," Broady answered.

    "All right. Just take some deep breaths and slow your breathing down," Sumler told him. "78, we're coming now," someone says. In the confusion no one understands yet that Lawhorn also was shot.

    Broady was able to radio his location in front of Room 225, where officer Tom Mitchell was the first to reach him. But Broady didn't know where Lawhorn was.

    And Lawhorn, who was at the opposite end of the second floor, mistakenly radioed that he was on the top, third floor.

    "I'm down {$326} hurry up," he called.

    Officers are then heard frantically calling for Lawhorn as they search the second floor. "80, where are you? Are you in a room?" Officer Steve Cooper asked.

    "Just start kicking them," someone says, referring to room doors.

    Dangerous bleeding
    Officer Steve Dean found Lawhorn seven or eight minutes after he was shot, Hollis said.

    "Radio {$326} I need an ambulance," Dean said. "He's right above the office. {$326} I need some packs up here now. He's hit a femoral artery, clear? Femoral artery."

    At that point Indiana State Trooper Jamie Noel was with Broady, who was getting attention from paramedics, and asked if any other officer needed assistance.

    "Above the office is priority one," Dean said.

    Hollis said Dean's insistence on attention to Lawhorn was "because he knows he's bleeding to death."

    K-9 officer Denver Leverett gave Mitchell a dog leash to use as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding with the help of other officers.

    The transcripts of the radio calls show that Lawhorn initially had not been dispatched to the motel. He was on a call to a fast-food restaurant and volunteered to switch assignments when he heard the call about possible "Signal 60" -- drugs.

    A clerk had reported that, while Vincent Windell Jr., the man who rented the room, was in the office, "a bag of pot fell out of his pocket onto the desk in front of me {$326} a rather big bag." That call came at 6:41 p.m., 20 minutes before the shootings.

    Manhunt begins
    The recording also reveals the wounded officers being rushed to University Hospital as other officers begin a manhunt for Windell, who police thought at the time was the gunman.

    Windell, 22, and 19-year-old Kyle Bieber, who also had been in the motel room, were questioned the following day but were released after convincing authorities they left before the shootings began.

    Bieber was arrested Monday, however, on a charge of assisting a criminal, and police are seeking Windell for further questioning.

    Bieber allegedly helped Dattilo get the motel room so Dattilo could avoid arrest on warrants from Jefferson and Hart counties in Kentucky.

    Reporter Harold Adams can be reached at (812) 949-4028.
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    Well the shooter did save the taxpayers some money
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    Not really - But it isn't about saving the tax dollars in this situation, it is about getting those officers back to 100%!!!!!

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