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annonymous 2/28/09 at 3:25 PM

The smart ones took the boat and caught the bad guy and rescued the trooper. Good job deputies!!!! 1 bad guy caught, 1 trooper rescued.... all in a days work
UPDATE:Robbery Suspect Pulled From River - WOWK-TV -

UPDATE:Robbery Suspect Pulled From River
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Updated Saturday, February 28, 2009 ; 07:56 PM

Suspect was taken to the hospital. Police are seeking armed robbery and grand larceny warrants.
Story by Latasha Hughes
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RAND, KANAWHA CO. -- A man ends up in the Kanawha River after robbing a beauty salon in Rand.

The robbery was reported just after 1:30 p. m. at Conley Hair Styling at 5212 Midland Drive. Kanawha County Deputies say that Jason Scarberry got away with an unknown amount of money.

Scarberry struggled with police and fled on foot before jumping in to the Kanawha River. A state trooper jumped in the river to catch up with the suspect.

Scarberry was in the water for about half an hour before Kanawha Sheriff Deputies apprehended him with a boat.

He was transported to the hospital for evaluation, deputies are seeking warrants for armed robbery and grand larceny.