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This is a wierd one!!!

This is a discussion on This is a wierd one!!! within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Latest update on this story. This is one of the reasons that we CCW'ers need to know a good attorney before using our weapons...even if ...

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Thread: This is a wierd one!!!

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    Latest update on this story.

    This is one of the reasons that we CCW'ers need to know a good attorney before using our weapons...even if completely justified:

    Investigation sought in shooting death

    Minister cites community concern

    Advocate staff writer
    Published: Feb 28, 2006

    A group of black elected officials and pastors stood Monday at the front of New Hope Baptist Church sanctuary and announced that they have asked the U.S. Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation into the shooting death of 24-year-old George Temple II.

    Temple was killed Feb. 17 by a witness during a scuffle with a Baton Rouge police officer in the parking lot of the AutoZone at 9007 Greenwell Springs Road. The witness, Perry Stephens, 56, shot Temple five times, once in the head and four times in the torso. Police Officer Brian Harrison, 32, also shot Temple, once in the stomach.

    “The events of Feb. 17 were tragic for this community,” said state Rep. Michael Jackson, D-Baton Rouge, who also is president of the East Baton Rouge Parish Black Elected Officials. The group’s members helped organize Monday’s news conference.

    “Temple was not a hardened criminal &hellip he came from a loving family &hellip therefore we stand here wanting answers.”

    Those answers, Jackson and other members of the group of about 25 said, are not coming from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the case.

    Jackson said the group knows a lot about Temple but little about Stephens. Col. Greg Phares of the Sheriff’s Office has said Stephens came to the aid of Harrison after hearing the police officer yell for help.

    Jackson also said the group knows little about how the fight between Temple and Harrison began. Phares has said the fight started after Harrison, who was off-duty and working as a motorcycle escort for a funeral procession, wrote Temple a ticket for a traffic violation.

    “We are putting too much of a burden on local law enforcement,” Jackson said. “We are asking too much of them to conduct an impartial investigation.”

    Therefore, Jackson said, the group mailed a letter on Monday to the U.S. Department of Justice and the local U.S. Attorney’s Office requesting an independent probe.

    “Our people are very concerned and wanted to know when we were going to intervene,” said Leo Cyrus, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church. “That’s why we are here today.”

    The U.S. Justice Department could investigate two things regarding Temple’s death, said U.S. Attorney David Dugas.

    Department officials could look into allegations of excessive force used by Harrison, which would be a civil rights violation and a criminal case, Dugas said.

    They also could investigate any patterns or practices of questionable behavior within the Baton Rouge Police Department, which would be a civil case, he said.

    The department would not look into Stephens’ actions because he did not commit a federal crime, Dugas said.

    State Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, D-Baton Rouge, said she is considering filing legislation that would make it harder to use deadly force in self-defense or defense of others.

    Currently, Louisiana allows the use of deadly force in self-defense or defense of others to “prevent a violent or forcible felony involving danger to life or great bodily harm.”

    Broome said she doesn’t want to take guns away from citizens but make it harder to use those guns by law.

    Dugas said he did not know when department officials would make a decision whether to investigate. Typically, he said, officials wait until the local investigation is complete.

    Deputy Fred Raiford, Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said the Sheriff’s Office respects the group’s rights to request an independent investigation and that the office will cooperate with the U.S. Justice Department should it investigate.

    Sgt. Don Kelly, Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman, said his agency also would cooperate with the U.S. Justice Department if there is an investigation.

    Jackson said he and other members of the group have spoken with Temple’s family and that they support an independent investigation.

    Nathan Fisher, the attorney representing Temple’s family, had no comment Monday.
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    Thx for the update Rick - I can see that whole thing dragging on - and on - and on!
    Chris - P95
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    "state Rep. Michael Jackson"

    I guess molesting kids didn't get him enough media coverage!

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    I say thanks to the man that helped out the officer. I am ashamed the police did not issue him an award for he is a hero. The hell with the NAACP and anyone else that has anything bad to say about it.
    End of story.
    Philip L. McCleary
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    we tell the police where to go and they have
    to do it. Policy manual says so.

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    The history of the man who was shot is not relevant to the case. Any group's notion of what is "right" or "wrong" is not relevant to the case.

    Powers that be, may order an investigation on whether or not the initial decision made by the local LE was correct, or not.

    But in the end, what really counts is what actually transpired at the time of the incident, and how the law at that time, applies.

    People, especially those with an agenda, simply MUST be taught what that phrase, "A nation of laws, not of men," really means.

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    Forgive a newby for resurrecting a dead thread but I wanted to comment on this since it's local for me.
    I followed this story clostly and it really struck home for me. It proves the old adage, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. The bystander, who had a CCW permit but for some reason didn't have a gun on his person, saw a police officer being assaulted. The bystander retrieves one of two guns from his POV and uses deadly force to save the life of the officer. He did everything right and still has to deal with civil suits by relatives of the dead man.
    Now, the next time a cop is being assaulted and a legally armed citizen is nearby don't you think that the citizen will have second thoughts about assisting the LEO? I know I would. The last thing I need is to put myself in debt hiring a lawer to defend me against suits backed by powerful types like Rev Jessie Jackson and the NAACP.
    Another thing that got me was reaction by people when it was mentioned that the perp was killed by a head shot. Even my spouse had problems with it. "Why the heck did he shoot the guy in the head?" she asked. "Because he didn't stop punching the cop after being shot in the torso with 4 rounds of .45 cal ammo," I said. "That's twice as many rounds as I would have fired. I would have double tapped him in the chest then, if he was still punching, would have popped his top like an extra from a zombie movie." Then she looked at me and said, "But you don't shoot someone in the heeaaaddd." God I love that woman but sometimes I wonder what she is thinking.

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    About 20 some years ago, (a guy...) stopped his pickup truck a little ways up the street from where he had just seen a cop down, flat on his back, w/ a B/G standing over him screeming & pointing a pistol in his face.
    Well, he (the guy) grabbed his trusty Win M70, .30-06 off the window rack and blasted the B/G once; story over. The cop got up, looked at the "Good Guy" in relief & amazement, then gave "the guy" a formal salute, then waved him away... So, the good guy left..., nothing ever came up about it again as far as I know.
    Remember this is only a story; from PA.; around "Red Lion" or some such place... If I recall correctly ...
    Eric Howland
    Savannah, GA.

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