Another Pellet Gun pointed at LEO

This is a discussion on Another Pellet Gun pointed at LEO within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by mlr1m Even if he knew it was a pellet gun he should be ok in defending himself. I never have understood the ...

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Thread: Another Pellet Gun pointed at LEO

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlr1m View Post
    Even if he knew it was a pellet gun he should be ok in defending himself. I never have understood the logic that one must accept pain or damage to ones body if its not considered life threatening.

    A pellet in the eye could be life threatening why should anyone have to take that chance?

    More than just the eye... I think I've told the story here before somewhere a few years ago but can't find it at the moment. In short some friends and I were using a pellet gun back in the late 80's. A new kid in the area found us shooting out back and started a fight(because he wanted to shoot). At any rate, during the ensuing fight, he got a hold of the pellet gun and turned it on us. My friend was shot in the stomach with a pellet gun. The pellet went through his stomach, ricocheted around and through a few other organs before lodging in his spine. So yes, a pellet gun can be much more dangerous than most folks tend to think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    *shakes head sadly*

    I'd go off on a rant about general stupidity and ask how many people here have watched the movie "Idiocracy," because articles like this make wonder about IQ of the general populace.

    he was **this** close to winning a Darwin Award.
    Great Movie, A must see. When you are watching it you will be saying to yourself "I know people just like that."
    I am looking to buy an airsoft gun to match what I own to practice with, draw and fire, and the one I saw had a Blow back slide and it looked Very real.

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    I'm not an expert with airsoft guns, but I've heard that in general, once you start getting past the 300 ft/s mark, things can start getting pretty serious as far as being able to seriously hurt someone (although any airsoft gun can really mess up your eye). Someone feel free to correct me here.

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