Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged]

Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged]

This is a discussion on Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged] within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Teen Charged With Beating Elderly Man For Money - Teen Charged With Beating Elderly Man For Money BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) ― A Brooklyn ...

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Thread: Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged]

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    Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged]

    Teen Charged With Beating Elderly Man For Money -

    Teen Charged With Beating Elderly Man For Money

    A Brooklyn Park teenager has been charged for allegedly beating and robbing an elderly man.

    Christopher Lamor Johnson, 16, has been charged with first-degree assault and burglary for allegedly beating an 81-year-old man in his Brooklyn Center home and attempting to steal money from him.

    Court documents said a neighbor of the elderly man called 911 when she saw two young men push the elderly man inside his home after he answered the door.

    When police arrived they found the victim kneeling on the floor with his head covered in blood. According to police, they found the house in disarray with blood splatter on the floor and walls.

    Police arrested one of the young men when he tried to run out of the house. With the help of a K9 unit, police were able to locate Johnson, who was hiding underneath a car inside the victim's garage.

    The elderly victim was transported the North Memorial Medical Center where doctors had to perform emergency brain surgery to stop bleeding in his brain.

    According to court documents, when police interviewed Johnson, he told police that he and the other young man were broke and needed money. The young man said he knew an "old dude" who probably had some money.

    Johnson told police they came up with a plan to rob the elderly man. Court documents said when they got to the house the two knocked on the door and first asked about doing yard work before pushing the elderly man into the house, beating and robbing him.

    Johnson is charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of first-degree burglary, both of which are felonies.
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    This just makes me sick.

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    those darn kids! Kids do the darndest things nowadays.
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    TWO teens rob and BEAT an 81 year old man, sending him to the hospital for EMERGENCY brain surgery and they didn't get a "bedside" arraignment?

    What is "one count of first-degree assault and two counts of first-degree burglary"? ... and, would it be the same charges if the 81 year old, almost killed, man was the deputy's grandfather?

    I bet these two young men are out on the street before the 81 year old man fully recovers, if he ever does.

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    Or it's their first offense and they get a slap on the hand
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    If the little scumbags do an adult crime, they do adult time! PERIOD!

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    What if the "old man" had his two buddies with him? You know who they are!!

    Yep, Smith & Wesson - two less BG's - and they probably would want to send the 81 year old to the chair.

    Still and all - these two punks should be beat about the face and head - until they need brain surgery.
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    I bet they're really good boys, too. Darn that old man, he should have just given them the money...
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    These two dirtbags have already wasted too much oxygen...hang 'em high.

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    I hope this murder gets them the death penalty. there's too many of these murderers in jail now and if they escape they will murder again. It's better to put them down so they do not get the chance to do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
    I hope this murder gets them the death penalty...
    Report above doesn't say he's dead, just in the hospital. Underwent emergency surgery to relieve bleeding on the brain. One is being charged with first-degree assault, not murder. Doesn't say what the other one is charged with.


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    Animals. They deserve nothing good.
    I hope that the old man recovers.

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    The only thing that I ever heard of, to come out of the Soviet Union that I agreed with was...When they had a trial for murder or some other violent crime, if the defendant was found guilty....There wasn't any "appeal" or "life sentence without the possibility of parole" or any long jail sentence at all. They led the guilty party straight from the courtroom into an adjoining room with a drain in the floor and then Mr Makarov went "pop".... one to the temple. Next! Well, they had one good idea.
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    Elderly Man Beaten in Robbery......

    Elderly Man Beaten In Robbery Still Recovering -

    You need to see the pictures of his head to really appreciate the severity of this attack. A neighbor saw him being shoved into his house by two punks and called police. This was an 81 year old man who could not have put up a fight and would have given these punks anything they wanted. They severely beat him anyway. This is one of the very few articles I have ever seen that has shown just how badly a beating can be. I think we loose sight of this because we have this Hollywood view of what a beating is. We see actors being hit but they are back in action in no time at all. A jury may ask, "why did you have to shoot that guy, he was just beating you?" This grandfather may never be back to normal but people don't feel this if you can understand what I am trying to say. When I teach my carry class I tell people about what I call the Hollywood view of crime people have these days.

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    Having, in my days, given and received a few hits in fist fights and seen what damage a weapon, any kind of weapon like a stick, can inflict, I totally agree that Hollywood gives a totally false impression that it is no big deal. At best you'll feel like sh... for a few days, barely able to move, at worse RIP.
    Fists, used by a trained person, are deadly weapons.
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    This is horrible, the charges should include attempted murder.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
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