'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny

'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny

This is a discussion on 'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This pistol-packing granny, who shot a man she accused of mugging her in her wheelchair, wishes she had finished the job because now, he's suing ...

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Thread: 'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny

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    Exclamation 'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny

    This pistol-packing granny, who shot a man she accused of mugging her in her wheelchair, wishes she had finished the job because now, he's suing her for millions.

    "I'm a peaceful person. I wish that I had killed him," said Margaret Johnson, 59, whose grandfather, Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson, once ruled Harlem's underworld and was immortalized in several hit movies.

    "I didn't think you had to pay to get mugged in New York City," she added.

    Johnson and her landlord, the Lenox Terrace apartment complex, are being sued for $5 million by Deron Johnson, 48, a man with a lengthy rap sheet.

    Margaret Johnson, a retired city bus driver who has a dislocated hip and a ruptured disc, said that in September 2006, she was sitting in her motorized wheelchair at Lenox Avenue and 133rd Street when Johnson tried to snatch her purse and gold chain.

    She pulled out her licensed .357 Magnum and fired a round into his left elbow. Cops grabbed him moments later.

    At trial, Deron Johnson, who has nine previous arrests, denied being a mugger.

    He said he kicked the woman's Shih Tzu, Malika, after it attacked him, and the gun-loving granny shot him.

    He was acquitted.

    Johnson's grandfather was a Harlem crime lord who inspired the character, Bumpy Jonas, in the 1971 cult classic "Shaft."

    He was also the inspiration for characters in "The Cotton Club" and "American Gangster."

    The real-life Bumpy, who was once an inmate at Alcatraz, is famous for his battle with gangster Dutch Shultz for control of the Harlem numbers racket.

    An original dapper don, he was known for his tailored suits and big handouts to the poor.

    "He raised me like his daughter. I wanted to be just like Daddy. It made me a strong woman," said Margaret Johnson.

    She is not bashful about her love of guns, especially the .357 Magnum.

    "I love that gun. It's so powerful," she said. "I don't know too many women who can handle that gun. I almost fell on my butt when I first fired it."

    Margaret Johnson and Deron Johnson are scheduled to have a staredown on April 8 when his lawyer, Craig Davidowitz, takes a deposition from her.

    Davidowitz said his client suffered permanent nerve damage from the shooting.

    "What's grandma doing walking the streets with a loaded gun?" the lawyer said, claiming that Lenox Terrace failed to protect his client.

    "They should have known they had a tenant walking around with a loaded weapon," he said.

    Johnson, who once owned an Uzi submachine gun, said she can't afford to hire a lawyer.

    "I'm not spending a dime on that son-of-a-*****," she said. "This boils my blood. Why is he picking on me again?"


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    Sounds like she could have some of her family members make the problem "disappear." I think that mugger may have picked the wrong lady to mess with.
    When in doubt empty the magazine.

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    Go get 'em granny!

    I love her attiutude - "I'm not spending a dime on that son-of-a-*****,"

    That scumbag and his lawyer should be kicked out of court.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrreynolds View Post
    "What's grandma doing walking the streets with a loaded gun?" the lawyer said, claiming that Lenox Terrace failed to protect his client.
    Using it for protection from people like your client, moron.

    What's your client doing walking the streets trying to rob little old ladies in wheelchairs?

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    Hopefully, justice will be handed out by someone other than the 'legal justice system'....not wanting another crime to take place, I'm just sayin'...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    This one is interesting on several levels.

    First, apparently granny in the story had a NYC license: Lenox and 133rd st? Used to be a wicked neighborhood. Don't know about that today but doubt it has changed. Wonder if you have to be related to an underworld Don to get one?

    Second, the only reason the landlord is involved is because someone is trying for some deep pockets.

    Third-- hmmm; the guy was acquitted. Wonder what that was about. Could it be she actually didn't need to shoot him? Nah!!!

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    I remember this case hitting national news the day of the shooting...I'd posted the story.

    Crazy how this panned out.

    - Janq
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    Maybe he really did kick her little dog after it nipped at him?

    A shot to the knee is really what was needed.

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    Should have killed him.

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    Those of us living in states with castle laws should pay attention what happened to her. If the jury says a shoot is not justified you will not be protected from civil suits by the castle law and not all juries are in favor of using guns for any reason.


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    Yet another good argument for shooting until the threat has ended. Sounds like the threat isn't ended.

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    The dog probably bit the guy when he was trying to steal the purse.

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    While I have no sympathy for the thug, I have to wonder if the underlying problem is where the right to use deadly force comes from?

    If he was threatening her with harm by demanding the necklace and purse, then sure, there is imminent threat. If it was a snatch and grab, where he grabbed and was running, then there is an argument that no immiment threat existed, hence no justification for shooting - which I must assume is the claim the thug's attorneys are using for their civil suit.

    seems we don't have all the facts, but it does seem kinda ballsy for the thug to sue.
    I hope if he wins, the jury is so sympathetic they award him $1 - which I have seen more than once.

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    I'm thinking if she had a ruptured disc, imminent threat as far as severe bodily injury from a snatch and grab may be plausible if wrestling for the purse ensued - maybe it was by her side in the wheelchair. He got what he deserved. If she can't afford a lawyer, he won't collect anything anyway.

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    It looks like the BG got a sleazy lawyer and might come out on top. how did grandma get a license in New York city? I thought it was next to impossible to get one.

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