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This is a discussion on Leo ad? within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Chiller2 This isn't about the scum drug dealer this is about a 19yr veteran LEO, who according to the gungrabbers is "trained" ...

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Thread: Leo ad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiller2 View Post
    This isn't about the scum drug dealer this is about a 19yr veteran LEO, who according to the gungrabbers is "trained" to use a firearm, not knowing how to keep his booger hook off the bang lever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Agreed Chiller.

    This is America not Soviet Russia or Mexico where ends justify means regardless of cause being just or not.
    This is a negligent discharge plain and simple. Trip, slip, fall or whatever...fingers off triggers unless intending to fire on to the target. This isvery well documented in all modes and methods of training everywhere.

    There is no excuse and the BG has right to make a civil claim to my eye and could also seek to seek criminal charges toward being shot upon and after being detained.

    This isn't about Cop vs. BG nor being pro-police or not.
    It's just plain and simple what is right, what is wrong, and the law.

    - Janq
    Quote Originally Posted by Chiller2 View Post
    I don't need a LEO to weigh in on this any responsible gun owner knows this is wrong. If it was a rookie new to firearms maybe I wouldn't be as hard but a 19yr veteran should know this I knew it at 8yrs old. It isn't about him falling down anyone can fall down but if you don't have your finger on the trigger the gun does not go off. If I or any civilian had done it we would be charged and if we had a CWP would lose it. He definitely should be suspended without pay for at least a month if not fired and should have to take mandatory gun class and maybe restricted to unarmed desk duty the rest of his carrier because if he hasn't learned this simple rule in 19 yrs he probably won't learn it now.
    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    Trip, fall, gun goes off. Yes, it is like a car accident. Have an accident, and you are liable for damages and can be charged with the crime of 2nd degree murder. LEO or not, you are responsiblr for your actions.

    Gotta agree with all the above. I find it disheartening that folks on here just know the guy was running a drug business. What ever happened to due process?

    So the guy gets shot due to negligence. After they carted him to the hospital did the cops continue their raid and find anything?

    Enjoy your police state.

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    I'd charge the cop with something. Reckless endangerment, felony assault, whatever is most appropriate. Since he is professionally trained and acting under color of authority, I would hold him to a higher standard that a citizen. This is the only way to restrain government and executive power, and hold citizens rights as unassailable. And yes I would have empathy for the cop, but wrong is wrong.
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